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help identifying a rifle

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I was wondering if anyone can help me identify a Steyr rifle I purchased recently. It has a plain wood stock-no checkering. a 24 in. regular barrel. I believe it's a .308. No markings except on the top of the barrel it has a symbol with crown on top and below the symbol it says Steyr14. It has a flat bolt, tapered back, and the stock is cut out for the bolt. If anyone has an idea what I might have, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!
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I’m not sure about this at all, but check and see if this description of the Greek M1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle (from “Bolt Action Rifles” by Frank de Hass) matches what you’ve got:

“The 1903 and 1903/14 Greek M-S rifles are serial numbered. The complete serial number is usually stamped on the receiver ring, on the bold guide rib, and on the breech end of the barrel . . . The place and date (year) of manufacture are usually stamped on the left receiver wall, as for example; STEYR 1914 . . . The model designation of the rifle is usually stamped on the receiver ring, as for example; Y:1903/14. A crown over a cross within a shield is also usually found stamped on the receiver ring.”

It's also possible that you have a sporterized version, with some of the original markings getting ground off and polished before they had it reblued

The Greek M-S was originally chambered for the 6.5 M-S cartridge (aka 6.5x54, or 6.5x53 M-S). Be hard to imagine somebody rechambering/rebarreling it for .308, but I suppose it’s possible. Best let a gunsmith verify before shooting!!!!
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Hey- I've been out of town for a couple of days- thanks for the information. This fits the description exactly. I was probably misinformed on the caliber. The rifle doesn't appear to have been redone in any way however, it is missing the buttplate and there is a tapered hole extending into the stock. I will check out the book you recommended as soon as possible. I appreciate your help very much! Thank you!
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