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Just a noob saying hi! :D I have always been a bit of a Steyr fan since I bought a bnz K98 that shot .5 to .75 MOA with surplus ammo. I had an AUG that I sold *still kicking self in butt* :x and I am looking to get another AUG soon as well as a scout.

I do have a question from just partially perusing this forum:

With all of the bad press I hear about WOLF ammo in anything but an AK, why do people still insist on feeding their wonderful firearms (Sig, Glock, Steyr, etc..) a diet of pure crap? :evil:

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Welcome to the club!

As for the Wolf question, I think it comes down to $'s. Wolf is cheap so people that like to shoot a lot need to save money by finding the best deal. There are a few people that have actually used it w/o problems, but like you said, it's still sub-standard ammo for the most part.

My $0.02...

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