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Hello y'all

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I've had an M9-A1 for over ten years, but just now decided to join.

My M9 is the "gray" market model imported by PW arms. I bought it from Cabelas in 2010 I believe. Its never had a single failure, its a fantastic gun. Everyone I ever let shoot it falls in love. My cousin bought a 3rd gen A1 as his first gun after shooting mine, and my brother in law bought the A2 for the same reason.

The Steyr is my winter carry gun. In the summer I carry a modified Sig P365X SAS.
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Welcome . I have had my M9 1A for only 3 years . It was NIB but it had been sitting for so long the lube felt a little wax-y when I broke it downt to clean/lube and inspect. Looked great. However 1st time out the trigger binded up . and even with a defective trigger it shot well and accuratly, but i was bummed. The seller went into hiding. So I contacted Jeff the nice people in Tennessee, they said it was imported here 2010 however it is under warranty. I paid for shipping 1 way. I got it back with a new trigger & the newer sights and it is the best gun that no one else has ever shot. I want a 40mm now. Do enjoy yours .Welcome to our world.
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