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Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by Garys4598, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Garys4598

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    Hello everyone! I'm a brand-new member here and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to convey my THANKS for those that are responsible for establishing this virtual community... and for those that have expressed their sincere and honest opinions regarding the Steyr MA1 family of pistols. It is because of you that I am proceeding with my first purchase!

    I originally hail from Michigan (born & raised)... but after years of serving in the U.S. Army, I finally retired in 2004 and settled down in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; Olympia, Washington. I'm too young to be fully retired, so I work full-time out at Fort Lewis... and continue to serve the military in that regard.

    Anyway, since my military retirement I have moreso than at anytime during my life, found myself gravitating toward the joy of firearm ownership.... and firing enjoyment at my local firing range.

    I am ecstatic with all that I have read regarding the Steyr M40 & M40A1 and have decided to "take the plunge!".... (I've got my missus approval for the purchase as well, who'd a thunk it? :mrgreen:)

    So again, hello to you all and providing I am successful with my purchase, I look forward to sharing it the experience with all of you as well as growing as a community member here within the forum.

    Most Sincerely,

    a.k.a.: Garys4598
  2. heavymetalmachine

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    WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!

    The misses is always the hardest :lol: :lol:

    :wink: :wink:

  3. babj615

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    Welcome to the fray......

    ...nice to have another 'local' member....

    Keep us informed!!!
  4. Netfotoj

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    Glad to have another vet aboard. Thank you sir, for your service and continuing service as a civilian employee. Our military is the best in the world and also the most underappreciated.

    I don't believe you'll regret for a minute becoming a gun owner of that "other" Austrian pistol. :mrgreen:

    P.S. Love your avatar. What scene does that depict? WWII? Looks like a Thompson.
  5. Garys4598

    Garys4598 Premium Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and thank you too Netfoto for your service to our country.

    Regarding my avatar.... Yes, I would most definitely say it depicts Soldiers from the WWII era, and likely the one character is holding/firing a Thompson. But, believe it or not the rendering/painting was created by Frank Frazetta. As you may know the vast majority of Mr. Frazetta's art works were of fantasy and sci-fi theme. Years ago when I happened across an example of this particular Frazetta painting (I beleive it is entitled "Combat") I was hugely surprised by its contemporary; non-fantasy theme. Being a U.S. Military person at the time... naturally I was quite attracted to it! Anyway, so there you have it. :D