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    Steyr Club-

    I just wanted to say that this is an awesome resource site! I've been cruising the forums since last February-March after I had tried out an older M40-A1 at the Military Gun Club (the only place those of us stationed abroad (specifically Europe) can shoot, aside from our yearly qualification). It was sweet and I've been counting down the days until we're back in the CONUS and can acquire one for myself--although it'll probably be an S9-A1 or S40-A1 first (or maybe the replacement barrel so I can have both...if the keeper of the purse strings lets me that is) to replace my Kahr CW40 CCW.

    That being said, are there any North Carolinians that might be able to point me in the direction of a gun shop/range that rents S9/S40-A1's so that I could try before I buy (...or maybe some uber-generous NC steyroid might want to meet up and let me try theirs out:D)? We've got our orders to NC but I haven't found anything via Google yet. Thanks again for all the great info that keeps getting shared here-keep it up!
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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    Thanks for your service! IIRC there are several North Carolinians in our group, actually Big Taco has roots there, so you're well covered. I spent some time in Rocky Mount, Nashville, and worked in Cary - very pretty country.

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    Hiya *005 :)

    Welcome ta the Club, Bro. :thumbsup:

    And thanx for serving our country and helpin' us ta stay safer.

    Wulf <-- really appreciates our Bros stationed overseas [​IMG]
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    Welcome to Steyrclub!
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    Welcome from West Texas and thanks for your service!
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    Hello again all!

    First off, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! Secondly, a Happy and Reverant Veterans Day to all and in reply to the thanks for our service-you are all most welcome! We are glad to serve and feel priveleged to do so!

    I would also like to ask for some assistance from any Steyr owners (specifically anyone who has an S9A1 or S40A1) in the Cleveland, OH area. As I mentioned above, I've shot an older M9 here at the military gun club (non-A1...shows how old it was), but sadly they have no A1s and S-series are out of the question (as is a trip to Austria...sadly, entirely too much to do before the move). Anyways, in mid-December my family and I will back there visiting the in-laws for Christmas as we get ready for our move to North Carolina and I really want to shoot an S9A1 to confirm it as my choice to replace my Kahr CW40 for EDC (long overdue). So far, I've only found one place that even carries them south of Sandusky in Bellevue, OH and he only had a C9 (and wasn't that helpful or friendly either...:wall:). If a kind soul was willing to meet us at a range, I would gladly pay for the ammo and would even help with trans expenses, if needed.

    I'll repost this message in the general forums as well to try and get as much visibility as possible. Thanks again!
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