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Heads up, another new CDNN catalog

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Maybe y'all didn't notice since the last catalog came out pretty recently, but they have a year-end catalog out now. Still some M9s left. For those of you that shoot .40 they have Win Ranger 155gr for $13.99/box. Seems like a good price considering 9mm 147gr (RA9T) usually goes for $17-18/box. They also had classic Fed Hi-Shok in 155gr for $9.99/box. No good deals on 9m ammo that I saw. Looked like the same collection of Walther P99s, Sigs, HKs as the previous catalog. Pretty good prices for the 4.5" barrel Sig Trailsides though.
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Thanks for the heads up ScottW. Can't wait to look through the whole 18.7 Mb
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