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    I've been collecting a few headlines from the past few days. I couldn't make up stuff any better than this if I tried hard enough to bust a gut.

    Pelosi: ‘We Support the Troops, But…’

    Hillary: ‘I Support the Troops, But…’

    Anti-Surge Resolution: ‘We Support the Troops, But…’

    Obama: U.S. Troops Dead in Iraq ‘Wasted Lives’

    Obama: Cut and Run from Iraq Now!

    Osama: Vote for Obama in 2008!

    Pelosi Backs War Funds Only With Conditions

    Murtha Vows to Stall Bush War Funds With ‘Slow Bleed’

    Mookie’s Response to Troop Surge? ‘I’m Outa Here!’

    Pelosi Demands Free ‘Air Force II’ 747 Rides to San Fran

    Murtha to Pentagon: Give Pelosi Her 747
    (Or We’ll Cut You Off at the Knees)

    Hanoi Jane's Moonbats Spit on Wounded Iraq Veteran

    2000 Gore: ‘I Helped Invent the Internet’

    2007 Gore: Global Warming Warns the End is Near

    Edwards: ‘Pay No Attention to My Two Bloggers’
    (And Also Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain)

    Edwards Vows to Fight for the Poor in America
    (Pay No Attention to My Multi-Million Mansion)

    I’m going out on a limb here and making a prediction. If Pelosi, Murtha, Hillary, Obama, Gore and Edwards will keep headlines like these coming for the next two years, maybe the voters will have had a belly full of left-wing, nutroots, moonbat Democrats by 2008.
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    Don't count on it my friend.The Americam people are ignorant to know what the hell is really happening in our country.They are to preocuppied with there suburban homes and cars,not to mention there jobs. They have become complacent when it comes to learning how much freedom costs.God saves us all.