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I was looking for a pancake-style holster for my M40, and the off-the-shelf selections for our beloved Steyrs are pretty meager. I initially considered Galco’s “Fletch” holster, but I didn’t want a thumb break, so I finally started looking at custom holster makers.

Among the leatherworkers listed in the “Holster Manufacturers” thread was Haugen Handgun Leather, of Bismarck, North Dakota:

Their Model 01 “Body Guard” seemed to have everything I wanted, and I especially liked the narrow strip of reinforcing leather Haugen sews across the mouth of the holster. So, I ordered one on on-line.

Shipping time was quoted as six-weeks, and it was delivered in about five. Not bad.

Initial impressions were favorable: nicely constructed and beautifully finished. Retention - when checked on the tabletop - seemed a bit on the loose side, but once I strapped it on and tightened the belt, the holster worked almost perfectly. It ordinarily holds on tightly to the M40, but if I give it a sharp tug, it pops right out.

Actually, it was just a bit too tight at first (it sometimes took a bit of a shove to get it into the holster) but it quickly broke in and began working nicely. I had no problems getting a comfortable grip on the piece when it was holstered, and when I used it a few weeks later for my Gunsite CCW class, I came away completely happy with the new Haugen.

At $69.95 (just a tad less than the Galco, which goes for $76.50) I think it’s a great pancake-style holster, and it is certainly fairly priced.
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