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Hello Everyone,

I found this forum while looking for something totally else.
Seems like some nice people here and glad I found it.

Beside that I made my hobby my job, I do love the Steyr M and M A1.
Through my shop I see sometimes some Steyr, but not as much as I like to see.
Here one of the latest projects:

A IGB Austria barrel was fitted properly in a M A1 and the barrel was treaded.

My favorid Steyr is however the Tactical Elite in .308.
I threaded the barrel to take a GemTech suppressor on it and this excellent combination let me shoot clay pigions on 900 yards!

With my Steyr Scout in .223 I shoot short range and who said that beer and shooting don't match?

Anyway, thanks for reading my post!


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Welcome to the SteyrClub!

I'm trying not to envy you, but it's hard...

900 yard clay pigeons, that's fun!
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