Guns and Bozos

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Xahrrn, Oct 21, 2007.

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    I had an encounter the other night on my way home from Kenpo in which a truck was so close to me that I couldn't see his front bumper.

    He was flashing his brights like I was supposed to mover the line of traffic in the right lane onto the shoulder as well as the 3 cars in front of me and myself into the right lane.

    As the cars in the right lane exited and I was going to get into the right lane and let him past, he shoots just off my right rear corner, gets beside me and starts acting like he's gonna push me off the road.

    Using sign language, I proceeded to let him know that he was still #1 in my book.

    All of this was going on whilst I was talking to my wife about going to a movie.

    He then gets in front of me and hits his brakes really hard, so I just got into the right lane as it was my exit anyway.

    The swerving into my lane then began anew in the opposite direction.

    I got off at my exit and as I was passing the light after exiting, he was already racing up to the light so he could find me to continue his feeble attempt at intimidation.

    Rather that take him home with me or even any closer to my house, I turned right and was going to go into the gas station. He whips into the lot across the street and starts to back up. I figured that I should pull in behind him, instead of taking it into a well populated area in case it got out of hand.

    He jumps out of his car and starts walking toward me yelling how he was going to kick my ass etc and reaching into his back pocket.

    Now I know that a lot of people will reach for something that isn't there in order to scare the person they are walking on. I stepped out of my vehicle so he could see that I was a wee bit larger than him (at least 4 inches and 50 lbs) and inform him that I was armed and that he needed to get back into his truck and drive away.

    He then called the cops telling them that I had threatened him with a gun after trying to run his Chevy pickup off the road in my 94 Volvo.

    After I called the police as well to get my words onto a 911 recording, I waited for their arrival.

    When they got there, I sat patiently on the hood of my car, answering all of their questions.

    One of the police asked me if they could check the weapon because Steyr is a high quality gun and they wanted to make sure that it wasn't stolen.

    After all was said and done they gave me a case # so I could get a report and determine if I wanted to take out a warrant on the guy.

    Since I know that a lot of you are police officers, my question then becomes, what is proper in the situation?

    I know that I should have called 911 first and let him get stupid. Where does one draw the line on handling one's business and summoning the police?

    Any input is much appreciated.

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    Sounds like you handled things well, including not showing your gun but just informing him that you had one. Nothing wrong with that, as I'm sure the police told you.

    I see things often that make me wonder should I call 911, but I seldom do unless I feel it's a genuine danger to me or to others. If I see a drunk weaving all over the road, that's a no-brainer, call 911 and report him before he kills somebody. If somebody is being a jacka$$, unless he's actually threatened you, he hasn't broken the law -- yet.

    Now trying to run you off the road and then obviously following you, I probably would have called 911. Or maybe I would have just got mad and did exactly what you did, confronting the idiot and reminding him he shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight. In a battle of wits, he obviously would have been unarmed.

    I worked with cops a lot of years as a journalist and they don't mind being called for help anytime, as long as someone isn't crying "wolf." Now that's against the law and they do take a dim view of it.

    In your shoes I would probably have done about exactly what you did. (Or maybe I would have shot his sorry a$$ as soon as he reached into his pocket!) :twisted:

    As to how I would follow it up, if you get offered the opportunity to file charges against the jerk, do it. Sounds like he needs to be taken off the street, though the charges probably wouldn't result in jail time. At the minimum, the incident ought to cause him a little grief. He's probably been getting away with being a jacka$$ before this. :evil:

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    Apologies for posting this in the wrong spot initially (M&S Series) and thanks for moving it for me to where it belongs.

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    Good job in not shooting this idiot. Who knows what sort of goofy program he's running?

    If the police have all the info and aren't inclined to do anything, and he doesn't have any priors that are making them jumpy, I'd walk away from it.

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    The only thing I might have done differently (in 20-20 hindsight) would be to call 911 when he started getting aggressive with the vehicle (a deadly weapon). Thanks for the info. Helps us do our what-ifs before the real thing occurs.
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    Well really all I can think of that you could have done better would have been to roll down your window and proceed to verbalize your excitement at the opportunity to whoop his really...sounds like you did a great job, I mean really he's lucky you didn't draw down on him when he reached....but as you said yourself you could and should have called 911 immediately....I only mention this because as men it's hard to "call for help" like some puss bag but think of it this way....would handling shhhhh yourself be worth relinquishing your right to bare arms? If not, keep 911 on speed dial....

    p.s. I sure do wish this were the old west....then we could just have at it with dumbasses...

    on a lighter note you title made me thing of this bozo at the range yesterday, he was shooting a 1911 and teaching some bubble azed girl how to shoot....the bozo part was that he was shooting righty and placing his left thumb (and hers) over the back of his right hand directly in front of the slide....