Gunning For a Concealed Carry Permit

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    Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee, a fellow Tar Heelian, reports on his concealed-carry class at a gun shop in eastern North Carolina in Gunning For a Concealed Carry Permit: “It would be far more practical to apply for a ‘concealed lawyer’ permit, if I could only find one small enough to shove in a holster.”

    He also shares his instructor’s pungent advice: “Be nice. Be polite. Have a plan to kill everyone you see.” Sounds like a good plan to me. :mrgreen:

    Owens also gives a short, concise summary of how to decide whether to shoot or not to shoot:
    And as the class finished with a trip to the firing range, Owens got a chance to catch up on his prayers.
    I think the most valuable counsel I got from my concealed class instructor was what to say when the first cop arrives after you've shot somebody.
    1) "I was in fear for my life."
    2) "I want to call my lawyer."
    3) Not another mumblin' word until your lawyer gets there, who will also tell you to shut the hell up. :mrgreen:
    Or even simpler, apply the advice my daddy gave me about what to do if I shot a hawk. The Three "S" plan. Shoot. Shovel. And Shut the hell up.
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    Iv'e already got the mine shaft in a far away county picked out for the body. JP

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