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    looking for ideas for a cheap but serviceable gun belt for everyday wear and once a month IDPA.
    my wally world dress belts just don't hold the weight well.

    I see some for $70-80 and that's outa my range.

    I'm leaning towars the uncle mikes dress belt in either 1.5 or 1.25 inches.

    what does everyone else use, how do you like it, and how much was it?
  2. madecov

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    Try Don Hume
    usually there's a dealer at a gun show.
    Serviceable at a reasonable price.

    Another choice is the Aker gun leather belt. You can get one through

    around $30.00 .

  3. hihoslva

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    I use a 1-1/4" belt that I've been wearing for long time. Not a gun belt per-se; it was actually my "work belt" back in NY. Wide enough to hold a cell phone holster & leatherman-type tool pouch securely.

    I think I paid $20, and have had it for at least 3 abusive years. It's a Levi's belt.

    I'd look anywhere that sells jeans; even discount stores like WalMart. You don't need to spend big bux on a stupid belt, that's for sure. $20 is plenty.
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    The downside to cheap belts is that they are not made out of real leather. It is leather but it is pressed leather so it does hold up for the long haul. It is similar to chip board you can buy at Home Depot. Once it gets wet or strained it starts to fall apart. A $20 belt will be fine for a 2-6 months, but sooner or later you will have to purchase a new belt.

    I would go with Don Hume I have several of his holsters and have been really pleased.
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    Don't underestimate the value of a good gun belt. I had been using an 1.5 inch belt that I got several years ago from wal-mart. About a month ago I had HBE leatherworks make me up a proper gun belt. It makes all the difference in the world when carrying.
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    If you want a nylon belt you won't do better than a Wilderness 5 stitch instructor belt ($40). For leather you can get a Rafter S plain leather belts for about $40 as well. I've never tried a Don Hume belt but their holsters are reasonably good quality. I would concur with the previous statements regarding belts, it's very important to get a quality belt of good thickness and with good stitching. You don't have to spend a fortune, but $40-$50 would be the going rate for a good everyday belt. Good luck.

    I see someone suggested the Aker belt. I have used them and they are probably the best "cheap" belt out there (under $30) but I noticed that when I wore mine day in and day out that they began to show signs of "fatigue". If you're looking for an everyday belt I would suggest spending the extra $10-$15 to get one of the other belts that have been mentioned. If your looking for a belt for occasional use or for certain situations (semi casual dress) then an Aker would be a fine choice.
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    Reminded me of a post I made a while back on THR

    My carry belt snafu

    On Saturday my wife and I were getting ready to take off for a shopping trip and a movie. Since we were going to be in the land of freedom (MN) I grabbed my J frame and pancake style leather holster. I was wearing a loose fitting pare of jeans and planning on using a belt holster, so a belt was going to be needed. The problem was I couldn’t find my High Noon carry belt anywhere! Since we were planning to see a movie time was short, so I had to settle for a cheap pressed leather belt that I got at Target. If I hadn’t been rushing around I think I would have remembered that this particular belt was falling apart.

    We stopped at Menards first to pick up some lumber and I had to use the restroom. After finishing up in the restroom I buckled my pants and the stupid belt snapped right in two! I was non too pleased, I started running down my options for getting out of there without showing the whole world my gun. I had three options I could put my gun and holster in my front or back pocket, or I could carry it Mexican style. The jeans I was wearing were a little on the loose side so the Mexican carry was out. The rear pockets on my jeans were too small to adequately fit a J frame and holster so I ended up jamming the gun and holster into the front pocket of my jeans. While this option offered the best concealment it did cause a few problems. The first was that extra weight of the gun was pulling my pants down, and the second was I looked like I had jammed a cordless drill down my pants! I kept my pants up by putting my left hand in my pocket and tried to hide the bulge in my pants by pulling my sweatshirt down.

    When I found my wife she commented loudly that she thought she was going to have to send a rescue party into the men’s rooms to find me. After I explained the whole my belt snapped off thing to her, she got even louder and started laughing hysterically. In the end I left my gun in the car. I don't think pocket carry is right for that particular pare of jeans.

    I guess the moral of the story is make sure you are using a good gun belt, and if you can’t find your good belt, keep looking till you find it!!
  8. madecov

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    A decent belt will make all the difference
    Currently since I am qualified with a Colt 1911 I have to carry the same gun off duty.
    If I didn't have a decent belt it wouldn't be possible.

    Texas gun slinger also has some decent inexpensive belts. They are imported from mexico but the one I got is thick, stiff and supports a weapon well. It's also basket weave and cost under $30.00

    I have not tried these but prices seem good
  9. FlaChef

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    Ok i picked up a heavy black workbelt from wallly world ($16 i think) untill funds allow a true gunbelt.
    It's 1.5 inches and double thick. Holds a holster much better than my dress belt or my weave belt .
    When I can I'll see about a $40-$50 gunbelt.
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    Dillon Presision offers a nice dbl thickness real leather belt. I don't remember the price but as the old saying goes if you're still pleased when you've forgotten the price it must have been worth it.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I have used a Dillon belt for 5 years and I think I paid about $45 back then.
  12. Thunderbear

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    Aker B21 is about the best value around..

    I'd say get it from CopQuest, they've got great customer service.. remember +4" from pant size..
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    Hey, 'Bear - God knew you were coming and gave you the globe to protect! He's gotta' be tired keeping things together in these crazy times. Semper Fi, Marine!!!
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    All my carry gear is from Kramer leather, in horsehide. It is on the pricey side but it is first rate and will last a lifetime. My belt is double stitched horsehide and is around $100. The belt is, IMO, the most overlooked piece of gear used by those who carry. It must be a stable platform. Mine is. That is not to infer that there are not others. There are many fine makers of leather. I just prefer Kramer. Good luck.

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    Do or die, sir.