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  1. Alrighty!

    My state gun show is coming to my county this weekend and I can't wait. I've got some money that has been burning a hole in my pocket and I may just have to bring back a new toy! I'm debating on whether to get some more stuff for my AR or go the handgun route. Decisions, decisions. If there is an M40A1 its as good as mine, other than that I'm really looking for a subcompact style of weapon, but maybe I should wait until the SA1 comes out later this year???

    I took a look at a KAHR and a Kel-Tec yesterday at Gandor Mountain and wasn't really impressed by the build quality of the two weapons. The KAHR was $627.00 and was in my opinion WAY over priced for the quality. Ugggg, I'm pretty tight with my money so I always go back and forth on what to buy. I may just shell out some dough for a P2000 or maybe a Springfield XD-subcompact. Not sure really.

    I'll let you guys know how it goes and what I end up with.
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    really can't go wrong with an XD-9.

    my #2 son has one, he loves it!

    i have shot it and feel it's one helluva gun for the money.

    good hunting!

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    what mr. a said.

    kel-tecs seem to be cheap guns that work, if you can deal with the stigma of them being cheap.

    kahr's are overpriced for what you get, particularly if you look at the build quality. i have matchbox cars of similar construction. but... THEY WORK. and also hold their value well. so, it ends up being the savings account where the interest earned is the amount of enjoyment you get out of owning/shooting it. allthough, not sure what model you were looking at, i've seen them between $450 and $550.

    i myself am saving for the 2 s40a1s. it just fills all my requirements.
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    ministerofdeath, are you still in Michigan? I've got a G26 with numerous extras I'm willing to sell.

    Is the gunshow hosted by "Sport Shows Promotions"? If so I go to the same one here in Grand Rapids.

    My Kahr PM9 is the only gun I carry regularly. Price out the door was $600 from a Gander Mountain. Its the only semi that wouldn't have required me to make a lot of changes in my wardrobe. I also use the KelTec P3AT for occasional summer carry (without one in the chamber).