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    American Handgunner magazine's site has some videos on some of the handguns recently reviewed and other stuff. I particularly liked Clint Smith's review of the S&W Thunder Ranch .45 Colt and Dave Anderson on the CZ-75 SP-01. Too many guns, not enough money! :mrgreen:

    American Handgunner
    Nov/Dec 2007
    Video: Highlights of the 2007 Shooting Industry Masters

    GUNS Magazine
    October 2007
    Video: Smith & Wesson's Thunder Ranch Defense .45 reviewed by Clint Smith :mrgreen:

    American Handgunner
    Sep/Oct 2007
    Video: Dave Anderson reviews and test fires the CZ-75 SP-01. :mrgreen:

    American Handgunner
    July/August 2007
    Video: Dave Anderson test fires the Springfield Armory EMP 9mm.

    FMG Live Fire
    Video: clips featuring writers Holt Bodinson, Clint Smith, John Taffin and Mike Venturino.