Gun Owners Are Losing Their Rights!

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by MrApathy, Jun 1, 2006.

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    I thought that ammo sellers on the web require that type of idenity and age verification currently?

  2. Wulf

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    Yet another reason to roll your own. <shrug>

  3. Shooter

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    I think its illegal to purchase or bring in bullet components into Los Angles county too............that takes care of your reloading idea in that county 8-O
    (can't spell Los Angelos :? )
  4. sewerman

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    our rights

    i can't believe this is happening.

    we used to set around , drink beer and discuss
    how our crooked representatives could dupe us out
    of owenership. :roll:
    one of the ways we envisioned was to put a control on
    ammo to make it so expensive that having a weapon would be
    meaningless unless a person was filthy rich!

    guess that'll be next.

    who votes these people in ? :?
  5. Shooter

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    Democrats who think we should give our country away vote these people into office......funny, I was thinking something of this on my way to work yesterday.....In Minnesota, where I am from, you have to show a license to purchase ammo and that is recorded......that is scary enough..........
  6. So, I take it you could still purchase the ammunition online and have it sent to a licensed FFL where you could personally present identification to the FFL? Of course, who wants to pay an FFL fee for just buying ammunition?

    My home state also requires a driver license or state ID card to prove you are above the age of 18 when purchasing ammunition through a commerical dealer and also requires the seller to take your zip code (for some unknown reason).

    MrApathy is 110% right when he says that other states could quickly follow California. Each state legislature typically has a state government office where they do nothing but review other states' new legislation and write recommendations about whether it should be adopted.

    I use to blame just the democrats on anti-gun legislation, but make no mistake the republicans aren't our best friends anymore either. President Bush had stated that if the Assault Weapons Ban had been extended he would have signed it into law. While I still think that republicans are our best bet when it comes to electing representatives to keep the Second Amendment alive they aren't the savers of the Second Amendment they once were. You marke my words when the November election comes Democrats will gain a significant amount of seats both in the Senate and the in the House. If the Dems take control of the Congress you can bet your life that there will be a new AWB and perhaps other restrictions. They may even try to hide such new anti-gun restrictions in legislation that on its face is to protect the homeland from terrorist, but in fact will just disarm our citizens at at time of global terrorism, increasing crime, and when our boarders (both north and south) are wide open.
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    Another good reason not to live in Kalifornia!
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    They do, but this law would require the seller to put their eyes on the buyer's actual ID, not a copy or fax.

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    They have been taking away gun rights since 1777. Politicians of all stripes like nice, docile, unarmed subjects. Free armed people are a pain in neck to govern.