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    Hello All,

    I am new to the forum, I am a proud owner of a M9-A1 and it is my carry gun. I just recently got my concealed permit.

    The one question I have for you is this; If Gun Free Zones worked so well (sarcasm), why limit it to Gun Free Zones why not put Crime Free Zones so that would eliminate the rapes and assaults as well. It amazes me everyday that our policy makers are so out of touch with reality thinking gun free zones work.

    Anyways just my random thought. Again Hi to all.
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    Congrats on your CC Steyr and welcome from Texas!

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    I do not know your state laws, but here in WV the only gun free zones are state owned property.

    A private organization can post as many signs as they want, but they do not hold any legal weight. On private property you must be asked to leave. When asked to leave, you must comply or you are trespassing, of which a conviction would have nothing to do with the firearm.

    i open carry as much as possible, I've carried everywhere and have had honestly, little resistance even in posted places.

    i work in a hospital, if I ever have to come in wearing plain clothes, I'm always carrying openly. I've never had an issue. Weird looks, annoying liberal comments, but never any problem.

    I have been been asked to leave by a low level employee one time when I took my daughter to chucky cheese. I asked to speak to management, and I asked them if chucky cheese was a anti-gun establishment and if they thought the corporate office would be understanding of their decision to turn away buisness. They let me stay, and I've been back numerous times without problems.

    its all presentation though, dress professionally, act professionally and you will be treated professionally. Dress like a thug, act like a thug and you will be treated like one.

    Pretty simple.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Tackett, I live in Southern WV and never see anyone OC. That doesn't mean there aren't any, I've just never seen it. I've been interested in OC, but was told by the local chief of police that though it's legal, it could cause problems with the local PD.
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    Gun free zones? you mean unopposed killing zones?
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    Lol typical pig response.

    why would a legal activity cause problems? Would driving the speed limit cause problems?

    what part of southern wv do you live? I open carry all over the place. I live in south charleston, I've open carried in Logan, Gilbert, Mingo, Williamson, and most of Boone county. Chances are if you see me out, I will have my weapon. Obviously I primarily OC in kanawha county. Today in fact, I was out since 8am with my weapon on my side, and I didn't have a single problem. Stood in line at target while my kid had a meltdown and had a few nice jokes with people about toddlers. No one afraid, no one said anything.

    Go ahead and give it a try, the first time out OC is always tough, but then you find that nothing happens, no one treats you weird and the world keeps turning. Then it gets easier.

    State law in WV regarding OC is very laxed.

    I would also print out a few copies of this pamphlet with all state law details on it to hand out to anyone who tries to tell you that what you are doing is not legal. You can say "in fact it is! Have a pamphlet." Laws/WV Gun Carry Pamphlet 8-23-12.pdf

    I sat next to a table of state troopers at chic Fil-a tonight as well, and not a word was said.

    I would also suggest going to and paruse the WV section for stories of other open carriers.
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