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Grip tape?

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What's a good source for grip tape, assuming there is some kind that is better than others?
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Your local bike\ skate\ski shop should have the proper grip tape
DarkKnight said:
Your local bike\ skate\ski shop should have the proper grip tape
Yep. That's what I used. $3 bought enough to last me at least 1/2 of a lifetime.

If you carry IWB against your skin, you may want to consider something like A-Grip, however. I have found that when carrying, I need to wear a tucked undershirt to keep the griptape off my skin - it's abrasive.

Fine for the hands, not so much for the love handles!
I've started using a slip on tennis grip on both my M9 and S40. I had tried a Hogue slip-on but found that it bulked up the grip too much for my taste and it also had a tendency to shift while firing.

So far the tennis grips (which are called " What-a-Grip" available at the walmart for about $2.50 a pop(and available in fashion colors)) have worked out pretty well so far. I do have them secured at the top with a piece of vynal electrical tape.

They add no bulk to the grip and seem to provide a secure purchase on the weapon even when my hand(s) are sweaty with no shifting on the grip. They are also non abrasive.

I've only put about 150 rounds through the M and about 100 through the S using these grips and so far they have held up well although I doubt they would have the wearability of a skatetape alternative. If these slip ons seem to hold up pretty decently over a bit of time I'm going to experiment with affixing them to the Steyr grip using double sided grip tape as is used for affixing golf club grips to shafts. (I build my own clubs so I've got that material available and figure it woud probably work fairly well on the pistol grips). Anyway, I do find the Steyr hand grips to be a little slick, and these things seem to be an easy cheap altenative to take care of that problem.

be safe........................................................ns
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Is that "what a grip" a slip on sleeve or is it a "tape" you wrap around the grip? I have often thought tennis racket "grip tape" would work quite well and be less abrasive than skateboard grip tape.

It's a slip-on. I looked at the wraps (brought one actually) to try and they add too much bulk to the pistol grip.
I use the old bicycle tube grip. About 2 to 2.5 inches long. Cut at an angle relative to the thickness to get a nice feathered fit to the grip. Wash out the talc from the inside of the tube and a little hair spray or photo tack to make the tube stay put. Works great for grip and much more comfortable since the little groves in the grip used to cause blisters on my little pinky when I practiced my draw a few hundred times. But does leave my hand black sometimes.
a company called brooks tactical makes a product called AGrip it is a stick on felt like substance (got to hold a xd w/ some on it last week, very comfy stuff). Unsuprisignly steyr is not one the make precut patterns for, but you can buy it in sheets and HiHolsva made a grip tape template that is availible in our downloads section.

It's been on my to buy list for a while and i think has just moved up as last months idpa match was a scorcher down here and sweaty hands were an issue.

sorry no link handy, google it yourself =;
I used the innertube trick for a while. Aside from making my hand smell a little like a bike tire it worked great.

I has since found that I little more bulk works better for me so I went with a Handall and haven't had any problems.

I carry IWB without an undershirt most of the time so the thought of grip tape just sound a bit uncomfortable.
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