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Grip tape template is uploaded

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In the photo gallery, under Steyr pistols.
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What do you use to cut out the circle?

Deluxe247 said:
What do you use to cut out the circle?
Ahhh....ancient Chinese

Okay, if you go to Home Depot (or any plumbing supply shop), look for 1/2" brass compression fitting inserts. They're these small brass rings, and are somewhat sharp on the edges. I just lay one on the grip tape, and give it a few taps with a hammer - watch your fingers. Cuts a nice hole.

They don't last long (brass is soft), but usually you get 3 or 4 in a package for well under a dollar, so who cares.

I'm sure there are better methods, but this works well for me.
Grasshoppa thank you for revealing secret...
Ah. Welcome Deluxe-san.

Confucius say: Man who pee uphill gets feet wet.
Anyone pulled this off with that "Agrip" stuff that the Glock ppl are so fond of?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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