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    can anyone tell me what the grip angle is on the Walther P99 comared to the steyr? Thanks.
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    i know glock is 109 and steyr is 111 degrees. I'm sure you can look it up on the walthers somewhere, i know there is a walther board, as well as a walther section over on GT.

    I don't own a walther and only shot one once, but i remember it not being as steeply raked back, but that was just my impresion. It was the only other gun I found to be about equal in comfort and accuracy (TO ME, IT"S SUBJECTIVE). Just more percieved recoil.

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    I also have a P99
    Very nice gun and the grip is superb, especially with the interchangeable straps.

    The Walther (especiallyolder ones with AS trigger) are probably one of the greatest polymer framed guns of all time. The accuracy of mine is much better than most other handguns I own.

    It is lighter than a Steyr (by a decent amount). I don't think it is as robust in construction and I know the chamber is not fully supported like Steyr.