grip on m9 to m9a1

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    I know them9a1 has the same pointablilty, but was wondering if it fills you hand more than to old m9.

    I currently used a hogue on my m9, but wanted to know if the new one I could use plain.
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    Sorry, I haven't felt the new one yet. I use the hogue on my M9 too. That made the grip perfect for me.

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    Talk to member: Steyrboy

    He has both and can help answer this.
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    i believe he is the only one to have both, yet.
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    My M9A1's grip is a little bit better than my M9's. By better I mean that it fills the hand more and feels more "locked in" than the M9.

    Now, of course, this is all subjective and when people use the word "better", this is different from one person to another. But, when you compare the two side by side in your hand, the M9 does seem a little more squirmy.

    I love the M9A1 and will never sell it, its one of those life keepers for me.
    I'm a Steyr fan and out of all the pistols I've owned, Glocks, Walthers, H&K's, etc. the Steyrs have been the most naturally pointing and fun to shoot for me.

    Bottom line, if you can afford it right of the bat, I can whole-heartedly recommend the M9A1 without hesitation. If you're on a budget or just want to try out the Steyr philosophy, get an M9. You certainly will get your money back if you decide to move to the M9A1.

    I bought one also because I want to see Steyr successful in the USA and wanted to support them. They certainly didn't do well with the old M/S series because the ones available are basically closeouts at a deeply discounted price. It was a marketing problem, not a quality or reliability issue and has to have been one of the greatest handgun bargains around.

    You can't lose either way.