Grip alteration?

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  1. czgunner

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    I have been playing with my M9-A1 a bit more lately, and while I love it, I have one issue with it.
    The "kick out" just below where the web of my hand sits irritates me.
    This sharp angle seems to push on some sort of nerve in my hand, and actually hurts when I shoot. I know everybody's anotomy is a bit different, so I'm willing to ask for ideas.
    Has anybody modified the grip on these? I know lot's of Glock guys do it to get rid of the "glock angle".
  2. bigtaco

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    i've known a couple people to rasp off the sharpness. i've none one who filled in the backstrap with epoxy/fiberglass.

    ithe hump bugged me on my first few trips, but then i twisted my hand around the grip such that the gun recoiled into my palm instead of my thumb and this was all the difference i needed.

    you could also try one of the rubber grips. i was blown away by how much of a difference it made all he way around. in every way, the experience of shooting the gun was completely different.

    just not sure about CCW and the rubber grip. i like to do the t-shirt thing and i worry that the shirt would forever be getting stuck on the rubber grip.

    but i haven't experimented.

    needless to say, if you take file to frame and the frame cracks... SAI might not be too thrilled.

  3. Syntax360

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    I've never had a problem and have been CCWing with the hogue tool grip for over a year now...
  4. DocChronos

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    The answer may lie in knowing exactly where the gun "pushes on some sort of nerve ... " If you are feeling the pressure on your thumb knuckle or along the thumb bone, the answer may be to rotate the grip in your hand just a tad so that the beavertail pushes more toward the soft part of the thumb web.

    Other folks have had similar problems in the past, and in most cases turning the gun in the hand just a bit has solved the problem. I first saw a similar complaint with my son, who incidentally first led me into the land of plastic guns with his M9, when he complained that his hand was sore after a day of shooting. When I examined the thumb web, I saw the redness was located along the web margin of his thumb knuckle. He never was able to adapt to a slight rotation in his grip and ended up selling his Steyr to someone on this forum. For what it is worth ...