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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FlaChef, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Many thanks to IDPA Steyr for his help and coaching for the wife and I during his recent business trip to Orlando.

    A true nice guy of a heavily armed deadly individual (he even said I had a "nice car").

    He helped us out on all the fundamentals, including the draw, stance, grip and reload, but mostly on transitions. I think my favorite piece of advice was "during a major match you'll do about 12 draws and 12 reloads, but probably 100 transitions". His 5x5 drill is fantastic for this and we will practice it.

    I also got to shoot his M9 for some bowling pins (100k rnds and the gun is still tight!) though we ran short of time the second night and I didn't get to do a slow fire side by side comparison of three dot VS triangle/trap sights.

    Best of luck to him and his wife at the nationals next week, I know they'll at least take high couple and quite probably more w/ one chromed M9 and one red M9, even going back to a stock barell.
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    Chef, Had a great time. Thanks for the hospitality of you and your wife. Reinforces in me the desire to have a Steyr only conference next year where we can do some coaching, have a small match and maybe even get some vendors to participate.

    Again, thanks for taking in an out-of-town stranger and making my trip enjoyable.