Great Philly Gun Grab kicks off

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Netfotoj, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Don’t go to Philadelphia. Don’t even pass through. Newly elected Mayor Michael Nutter (that’s his real name, seriously) has named a new police commissioner, Charles H. Ramsey, to carry out his plan to declare a "crime emergency," allowing police to detain and search anybody suspected of carrying a gun. Ramsey hopes to do for Philly what he did for Washington, D.C., while police chief there, disarm the law-abiding citizens.

    Stop ‘em, frisk ‘em and take away their guns. But don’t disrespect ‘em. Sounds like a workable plan, right? Only for a mayor named “Nutter.”
  2. They are going to end-up losing a lot of otherwise good cases in court with these horrible Terry-Stops.

    They have to have reasonable articulable suspicion that someone has either broken the law, is breaking the law, or is about to break the law before they can detain them for questioning and a search (pat down for weapons).

    Saying "well, this guy looked like he might have a gun on him or in his trunk," is going to be a hard-sell. Real criminal will slip free while honest lawful citizens are harassed. Oh, yeah great plan there folks give real criminals an argument to use against the State in court and discourage good citizens from defending themselves. :roll:

    I wonder how high the murder rate will have to climb after these measures for them to admit they were wrong? Too bad people will have to die, because of their mistake.


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    Ramsey is a nutter.
    BTW, hasn't the greater gun control moved Philly into the top spot for Murder Capital, USA?
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    My understanding is that 'the city of brotherly love' is the murder capitol of the USA.

    :roll: :roll:
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    The lib gun grabbers never learn. So the new top cop will do for Philly what he did for D.C., take away legal guns.

    Here's their philosophy in a nutshell. Only thing it's missing is the Brady Lady, "I hate guns but I love victims."