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Grease rails on S40?

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I grease the rails on my 1911, should I use grease on the similiar assemblies on my S40? Or, do the Steyr pistols just like a little oil? I have tried both and it still functioned ok. What would you say is most proper?

I already treated the metal with Militec-1 many times.
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I simply use a few drops of oil on my M9 & S9, and have never had a problem.

I see no reason to use grease, although it might be a fine alternative.
I wouldn't use WD40.

While gun oil can be expensive, I have heard that using a synthetic motor oil is just as good - if not better - and the quart will last you a lifetime.

As soon as my over-priced bottle of gun oil is used up, I plan on picking up a quart of Mobil 1 for use on my pistols.

WD40 is a very thin penetrating oil. While it is a lubricant, I would prefer a thicker lube.

WD40 would probably make a fine solvent of cleaning your guns, but I don't think it is sufficient for lubrication also.
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