Grandfather Oak Custom Kydex

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Auburn, Apr 17, 2006.

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    g.father holster

    thanks for introducing me to this brand, they look promising.
    right now i'm waiting delivery of a crossbreed cob model. i won't jump ship till i've tried it.
    cool 8) pocket pistol concept though.

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    I have a Quick Companion with Tec-lok for my M9 that I use for the local practical pistol shoots. Works great. Good retention. Quick smooth draw. Tec-lok makes it easy to clip on and off the belt. However it is not IDPA legal because it stands the holster off a little bit. Stupid IDPA equipment rule. If you're interested in IDPA, you should check with David to see if the molded loop option is IDPA legal. I have a double mag pouch customed for the Steyr mags from David that also works great.
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    when I was having trouble finding a OWB kydek for my wife's 3" SP101 (everything was for the 3") he made me one. He also slighly dropped and offset it (a woman using an off the shelf holster usually feels like she is drawing from under her armpit).

    Great service and price. Good product (not as smooth or finished as something like a blade-tec or comp-tac but also not a 2 month wait and $60+ dollars).

    Plus he is a Steyr shooter and registered member here.
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    David Stillwell who runs Grandfather Oak is a great person. I've worked with David in the past on OEM manufacturing of holsters for department orders. He delivered a custom flashlight holster for a contract with Virginia Beach Sheriff's Department, and they are very pleased with the products now issued to the whole department.

    BIG vote of confidence here.

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    I bought a quick companion for my son to use in IDPA. It was way too tight as delivered, but I sent it back, and he fixed it. Works like a charm now. And the price can't be beat. He also did a semi-custom, tuckable IWB for my M40 that is really nice. I need to talk to him about changing it up some now, I have some new ideas.
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    I bought one and I am now considered "a part of the family" according to the owner. I bought it with the tec lok and find it to be a decent holster since I prefer OWB carry. Good guys to deal with.
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    Auburn...I have the honor and priviledge of having the first two Quick Companion holsters made for the Steyr M....the second one was molded a little different than the first; the first one put a scratch on the slide of my M357 due to the placement of the screws inside the holster....David changed the profile a tad and send me the second holster....I fixed the problem with the first holster with some of those adhesive backed felt floor protectors (used for chairs to protect wooden floors).

    I also have a Pocket Companion for a Kel Tec P3AT and Pocket Companion XL for a Kahr PM9.

    David is a great guy to work with.