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Grand power K100

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These Slovakian made pistols have been available to Canada for at least a year now. BTW the inventor of the gun has peen posting on the Canadian gunnutz forum.

Was just wondering what you guys thought of it? Would you but one if they were available in US?
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Looks like the operating system is similar to the CZ or the Tanfoglio
the shape of the grip goes remind me of a CZ but it's a completely different gun - it has a rotating barrel.
It definitely looks like another CZ clone - even reminds me of a Taurus PT24/7. The rotating barrel is cool, but since it only seems to come in 9mm, it wouldn't attract me to the pistol. I would almost certainly get an EAA/Tangfolio in an exotic caliber or a CZ if I had to get 9mm before I would get this pistol. It just doesn't seem to offer anything new. I do like the sights, though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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