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    Hey I do not know much about guns and i have a question about what is the difference in grain size in ammunition. All that i have been buying sense i got my S9 is 115 grain 9mm Para. I was wondering what difference does it make if i use 124 or larger grains size?? Is it hard on the gun using the larger grain ammo ???

    Thank you
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    No......larger bullet size won't hurt your pistol......the difference comes from the ++marks after the ammo designation......that is powder/velocity increases (plus pressure)......but your gun has been proofed for higher pressures............

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    More grains means the bullet itself is heavier. When it comes to defensive ammunition the conventional wisdom is that a heavier bullet will travel a bit deaper into the target. A lighter bullet will usually be faster but will not penetrate as deeply.

    Kinda like comparing a ball pean hammer to a mallet.
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    I seem to have a bit less muzzle flip with the 147 gr. compared to the
    115 gr. Not sure if this is just a subjective observation.
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    My S9 has functioned flawlessly with 115, 124, and 147 gr. ammo. Try any ammo you will carry in all your magazines before you trust it for a life or death situation.
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    thank you

    thanks everyone
    i just came back from shooting with 147 hallow point grain size and it does not seem to affect my accuracy. so i am going to use them as personal defense ammo . :) i will still stick with the 115 grain for the range it is a lot cheaper: 0 :)
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    Speaking of 9mm ammo, does anyone have some brand options and bullet weight preferences for defensive ammo? I've always carried 124g Gold Dots, but have not explored the 147g......
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    I just bought 100 rounds of 65 grain 9mm for my Beretta CX4. I have not shoot it yet, will let you know later. I also placed another 100 for my USP 40....a 95 gr Aguila ammo.