Gotta love the Kalifornia DOJ

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Deluxe247, Jun 20, 2005.

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    What a crock! I'm sure it could be fought legally, but then the only real winner are the lawyers. If Michael Jackson can be aquitted in California I'm sure a court their can somehow find the p-22 legal.


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    Just another reason that I'll stay right here in the Old Dominion. I never really appreciated the value of living in a "shall issue" state that's gun friendly -- until I started hearing horror stories about places like the PRC.

    The only thing I miss is having some "open space" to walk out my back door and practice whenever I feel like it. I may have to retire somewhere like Arizona so I can have enough space around me. But for now, it's Virginia for me!!
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    I never want to live in the PRC!!!!!
    Their pet restricions are almost as bad as their firearms restricions (and the wife will give up her exotics about as easy as i'd give up my guns), and then suddenly the ground shakes a building loose on top of your head.

    What good reason is there to want to live there? (love to do a tour of napa/sonoma though, but not to live)
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    There is a reason that California is on the Left Coast of the US.
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    Actually somone with deep pockets should sue the California DOJ.
    It's time somone tried to put a stop to the stupid shenanigans that the California libs keep doing.

    The folks who live in California who are firearms enthusiasts are getting hosed. They are still Americans and should enjoy the rights the rest of us can.
  7. Gun Control is a symptom of a sick nation.

    When any other fundamental Constitutional Right is examined by the court they tend to apply "strict scrutiny" to any restriction placed on it. However, when it comes to the Second Amendment all the government needs is a "rational basis" for restricting it. Now that "rational" can basically be anything at all or even the slightest statistic and the government wins.

    I'm not happy with all the gun laws of the state I live in (No Class III weapons or surpressors allowed), but I am happy that it does not have the restrictions in place on the left coast. Hitler used to boast that NAZI Germany was the first nation to institute Gun Control on its population and I'm sure he'd view the California restrictions with great envy.