got my new FIST Kydex... strange.

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I got my FIST "#1AK" holster -- that's the kydex version of the #1 IWB clip design, made with their 'thin' (not ultra thin) Kydex.

    I'm Kydex all the way for IWB, and usually get Comp-Tac's holsters. Since they don't have one for the M40-A1 yet, I decided to give FIST a try.

    Of all the Kydex holsters I have, this is the strangest looking one I've ever seen. Basically, it's like a leather holster... made of kydex. They actually sow pieces of Kydex together as if they were pieces of leather. I'm assuming it's either glued or heat treated in addition to the stitches. Bottom line is the gun fits, the clip holds the belt, so it's all good.

    Anyone else have a FIST Kydex? Have they held up well over time?

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    I'm more of a leather guy.
    I do own a Kydex combo cuff/mag holder by FIST.
    It is nice, but it is long and since it isn't all that flexible it needs to be positioned just right.

    All FIST Kydex is made just like a leather holster.

    I want one of the leather holsters with thumb break, but they get $30.00 for a thumb break. That's a bit on the high side.

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    I've been carrying a Kahr PM9 in a Fist like yours, but with tuckable clips. Same leather-like construction. Its held up well for the year I've had it.
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    my friend has been carrying a kahr p9 covert daily, for over a year in the super thin fist holster. the holster looks brand new. i think fist makes good stuff.
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    I-shoot...... I was also thinking of getting the same FIST holster. I've been leary of the clip design. I always wonder if the holster will come off when I draw the weapon. Have you run into any problems of this nature? Also......does it stay put or does it tend to creep around your pants (a few inches this way or that).
    thanks for the input.
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    Re: question

    Odd luck. About an hour ago out of the blue I decided to switch my usual carry (USP Compact .45) for my Steyr - making this the first time I've carried it. So, when you posted your question I happen to have my Steyr on me in my FIST holster. I also happen to have my digital camera next to me. And here's the final coincidence: I was online when notified of this posting, because I was reading an article on probability. No kidding.

    Anyway, the picture did not come out well, but at the opening of the clip here is a piece of the steel that is punched out and reversed, making a sort of hook that secures to the belt - so I think it is highly unlikely that this holster would draw with the weapon. I find that this holster is as stable as the belt I wear it on. The clip opening can fit over a 1.75" belt, and I wear 1.5", so there is a little wiggle room, but I don't find that it moves around much. Today I'm wearing a more "normal" thick belt, not a specific gun belt, and I can move the holster, but the belt and my pants are moving with it -- it's not moving on the belt.

    Overall I think its a great holster.
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    About your "probability": Murphy's Law in reverse......can't beat that. :)

    Would you say that a belt is required to use this holster properly? I sometimes wear jeans without a belt. This is part of the reason I was leaning to a clip holster.

    I do some light hiking with my boys and would use this while we're out in the woods.......

    My other option is the Kytac Brave Heart. $76.... ouch! but they are supposed to be really good.

    Have you seen this one?
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    How long was the turnaround? I ordered a Kydex OWB slide from FIST a few weeks ago and haven't seen it yet. They did manage to charge my debit card the day after my order.
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    Re: Great

    I'm one of those people who believes that all carry requires a belt - I don't have any holsters I could wear comfortably or effectively - IWB or OWB - without a belt. (with the exception of a SmartCarry, see below)

    I suppose if I found myself needing to carry without a belt for some reason, the FIST would be a good choice. Another option might be the DeSantis Pro Stealth (, because it also has a steel clip with sort of reciprocal teeth to clamp down on a belt... or I guess just jeans. I've worn that with thinner belts, and it's worked well. It's also nylon, and feels 'padded' so its pretty comfortable for all-day wear when you are active. Not sure about absorption and the sweat factor though.

    As far as the BraveHeart holster, I'd never heard of it, did a search... hard to imagine how that'd work any better without a belt than any other.

    As a side note, in the summer when I carry with shorts with an elastic waistband, or any other cloths that don't accept a belt, I carry with a SmartCarry (, but I carry it strong side, not up front under the waist band the way they advertise it.
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    They say on their website (in a confusing manor) that it can take from 3-6 weeks. I think mine took about 4 weeks... to it's original delivery date.

    I had a problem with the delivery that turned out to be a situation where the UPS driver dropped off my package about two blocks from my house. FIST customer service was NOT very helpful. Maybe they thought I was lying when I said I didn't receive it, maybe they are understaffed, I don't know. I sent them questions by email and they replied with one line emails that were not respectful or helpful. I spoke with them on the phone, and the instructions they gave me for dealing with the situation were not correct, and I had to call them back three times before it was straightened out. I ended out filling out all the forms with UPS etc., and then a week after it was delivered to the wrong address, the neighbor who received it finally showed up at my door with the package.

    That said, if FIST had a holster I really wanted, I would consider buying from them again and just hope I had no reason to work with their customer service.
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    I-shoot: You're great with all the pics. Any way you could take pics of the FIST on you with your Steyr?

    Also, how is the secure does it feel in the holster. I mean........ if you were to going running up a hill or fall to the ground and have to roll.....would it come out?

    Kids are calling.....more later....
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    Re: Thanks

    The fact that I have time to do this today... well, it's actually a sad commentary on my life! Oh well. The shot below is as I'm wearing it today, with a pretty standard store-bought belt, not a true gunbelt. Spent the morning digging holes and planting stuff in the yard, and this was plenty comfortable for that.

    I would feel fine running with this gun in the holster, it sits nice and deep and the holster is molded well. Falling and rolling? Not sure, but I'd say it's as good or better than any other holster I own.

    Of course, if I thought I'd be falling and rolling (or falling in water/boating, exposing it to dirt, sand, etc.), I'd carry a Glock. The Steyr has VERY tight tolerances, and I wouldn't want to find out the hard way if it would shoot when dirty. Just MHO.

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    Thanks man......

    I-shoot.....thanks for taking the time to help me out like this.

    Last question (no pics required :) .... was wondering why you chose the THIN kydex and not the ULTRA THIN that comes standard. Also, any problems with reholstering? Their website says there shouldn't be.

    Really.....thank you again.....
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    Re: Thanks man......

    The thin seemed thin enough, and I figured it would be more durable. The ultra-thin seemed like it might flex, even if it didn't crack or anything, that might make reholstering more difficult. All of that is pure assumption on my part, I did not handle and compare both, and I don't know anyone who has both who could comment on them. I was just guessing - but I have no regrets.

    Reholstering is effortless - smooth positive fit. It doesn't 'click' into place like CompTac's do, but the last 3/4's of inch as you set it in, it feels like it's gliding in on tracks. Once in, there is zero movement.

    And you're welcome :D
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    I too appreciate the careful evaluation of the FIST - one I've bookmarked for later consideration! Thanks!

    I want to second the versatility of the SmartCarry. I've got one I use with my Rohrbaugh S9, and it allows me to carry in deep cover like designed, or as either strong or weak side carry, or as an impromptu shoulder holster - all without needing a belt or anything. Perfect for use with sweats, exercise shorts, under 'overalls', et cetera.

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    Woah, another MA1 lefty Steyroid? 8-O



    I'm looking for another FIST, but one with two clips, instead of one, sort of like a CTAC.
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    I have never purchased a FIST product, but would not hesitate to do so if needed another holster of a type they made as I have heard many good things about them over the years.