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Got my accessories from Steyr USA

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I ordered the picattiny rail mount and the leather holster.

The rail adapter uses an aluminum rail and steel locking clamps. It is very well made and mounts up nice and tight. It aint fast by any means. I am glad I puchased it. and the M40 will be able to do bedside duty with an M3 or X200

I also purchased the Steyr leather holster. I am less enthused about this item. The gun fits very very tight, so tight it took me and my daughter to get the gun out. This aint all that bad since after break in it will hold the gun well. What isn't good is that the slots for a belt are almost paper thin, this means it is very hard to get onto a decent belt and that when mounted on the belt the belt has a hard time laying flat against the back side of the holster. This will make it less comfortable and less concealable.

Construction is adequate, stitching is decent but it could use some stitches around the slots. I suppose that it's not a bad deal at the price sold but for a bit more money and a little longer wait I imagine a holster by somone like FIST or the other better makers would be a better value.
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Thanks for the review!

I need to get one of the adapters. I'm up to three (soon to be four) pistols with a Picatinny-compatible rail, so I can see a Surefire or Streamlight in my future. I'm leaning toward either the M3LED or the X200A.

The holster is a bit disappointing...maybe I'll wait and see how your CTAC comes out!

Thanks again!
I am sure Comp-tac will be head an shoulders above the leather one
I did not order the C-Tac as I don't carry IWB

I am getting the adjustable cant deluxe set.
madecov, when you going to join us for a Steyr practice match. We can get you, Mrs IDPA Steyr, MikeP and have a great afternoon...
My days off are Wed/Thur. I would love to get together with a bunch Houston Steyr heads.

Maybe bring some of the other big boy toys.
:oops: excuse me guys... re: the X200 and picattiny rail mount, is this for the Steyr M40 or your talking bout other pistol here... if it is for the M40, will that work for the M9 too :?: :oops:
The accessory rail I purchased was for the M series.
It converts the factory M series rail from proprietary to universal.

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How much did it cost you total? will those be also available for shipping outside US, say part of the planned mag purchase? :wink:
I got mine from USA Steyr (diamond trails)
They don't have them anymore

wish I could get them.
o oh...

hope that they could have some in the near future... perhaps before the end of the year..
Seems unlikely they'd be getting (or making) many more, since the new series has the standard rail already...
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