Got a deer Last weekend

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RiceCakes, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Monday actually. My first one ever, lol. Was a ton of fun. Went up to Craig, CO, where apparantly every yayhoo in America decided to go. Anyway, got there Friday, parent had some trouble with a drunk local who ran into us (mirriors on the trucks hit, headon). The guy was drunk, and looking for a fight. I sure was glad I had my steyr with me, I thought I was going to have to put him down. Thankfully, he didnt have a weapon, and he went back to the truck when we did. The steyr stayed in the truck, but in my hand.
    The weekend passed, I hunted with my mom who, bless her heart, is louder than a freight train. We watched a lot of poor shots and idiots flushing out the deer. I had a couple opportunities, didnt take any. In the late mornings (about 10), I would pick up, and walk through the juniper trees and flush them out of their beds. Walked really slow and quiet, saw all kinds of wildlife. Coyotes, owls, a badger, a lot of deer. I watched 2 coyotes playing on a ridge 200 yards from me, they didnt even know I was there. Much fun. Anyway, Monday I ridge stalked again, flushed her and her pal out from their bed at about 15 yards, she trotted out to about 70 yards on a ridge while I sat down and propped up my Savage 10fp. Turned to look back at me (broadside), and I squeezed one off. 30 yards down the hill, down she goes. Huge exit, almost all of the blood drained, double lung shot. I was very pleased. She weighed 86 pounds at the processor. Now lets hope she tests negative for CWD!!
    Weather was great, my boots were great, knife was great, camelback was a LIFESAVER!!, everything just fell right into place and was a lot of fun. I definitely plan to do it again next year, though it may not be in Craig.