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  1. Polymer Proselyte

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    I was just dry firing my Steyr last night and was really appreciating the way the trigger guard sat against my second finger.

    I had so many problems with the trigger guard on the OAP (Other Austrian Pistol). It had a mold line running under the guard that was so rough that it gave me Glock Finger. For those of you that haven't had it it's a bump that sticks out the side of the knuckle on the second finger. The other problem with it was the geometry of the cut-away which was far too small to accomodate a finger.

    I ended up sanding the mold line down. This can run you foul of the IPSC production rules too.

    No such problems with the Steyr. Just are really comfortable grip. Even some of the race gun drivers at my club have comented positively on the feel.

    The Glock Finger is still there but I think it will reduce when I start using the Steyr more in competition.
  2. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    Really? What rule violation is it?

  3. Polymer Proselyte

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    IPSC Production D4 Appendix

    19.1 Modifications to them, other than minor detailing, are prohibited. Prohibited modifications include
    changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments.

    "Depends what they mean by detailing" These are the international rules, USPSA might be different.
  4. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    In the spirit of the rule, sanding away an irritating mold line certainly is "minor detailing". In practice, it is probably undetectable as a modification. It gives no advantage, aside from a lack of blisters.

    I can see how stippling would be considered more than minor detailng, but don't see how stippling the straps differs from adding a Glock sock or grip tape.
  5. Polymer Proselyte

    Polymer Proselyte New Member

    I hope so Thaiboxer. Some might argue that its a grip modification (eg higher)

    This was quite useful - from the IPSC Global Village Forum

    In an effort to save myself from going totally insane, below are actual questions I've been asked over the past twelve months, many of them repeatedly. The simple answer is at the bottom of the page but, if you really, really, really can't find the reason for my answer in Appendix D4 of the rule book, ask me (after donning your Level IV Kevlar and Nomex).

    Can I have a "trigger job" done on my gun?
    Can I have my slide blued or hard-chromed by my local gun shop?
    Can I "bead-blast" the slide of my gun?
    Can I paint a stripe down the length of my slide?
    Can I add flourescent paint to my OFM front sight?
    Can I stipple the grip of my gun?
    Can I shave the rear of my gun frame?
    Can I add grip tape to my slide and/or trigger guard?
    Can I apply electrical tape to my grip (or any other part of my gun)?
    Can I add aftermarket rubber pads to the base of my magazines, just for protection, not to increase capacity?
    Can I add weights to the bottom of my magazines, provided they don't increase capacity?
    Can I apply swimming pool paint to my gun?
    Can I apply cement paint to my gun?
    Can I paint, flare, file, enlarge and/or shave the inside of my magwell?
    Can I bolt-on a magwell, like the H&K "Jet Funnel"?
    Can I remove the magwell from my H&K USP Production and be legal?
    Can I remove the slide stop, slide lock (or the outer portion thereof) from my Glock?
    Can I grind some material off my hammer?
    Can I change the spring and/or follower in my OFM magazines?
    Can I cut the magazine spring in my OFM magazines?
    Can I cut the follower in my OFM magazines?
    Can I remove the magazine insert from my Glock magazines?
    Can I use the +2 basepads which were already fitted to my Glock mags when I bought them from my local dealer?
    Can I use Glock 17 magazines in my Glock 19?
    Can I use Glock 18 (31/33 round) magazines in my Glock 17?
    Can I use Glock 22 mags (.40 cal) in my Glock 31 (.357)?
    Can I use an aftermarket connector in my Glock?
    Can I use fibre optic sights on my Glock?
    Can I insert a plastic "butt-plug" in my Glock?
    Can I insert a "Seattle Slug" in my Glock?
    Can I use my 135mm threaded barrel in my Glock?
    Can I add some weight inside the back channel of my Glock grip?
    Can I attach a light to the front rail of my Glock?
    Can I use a titanium recoil guide rod in my Glock?
    Can I use a BarSto or Jarvis barrel in my Glock?
    Can I use a Glock 17C with a regular Glock 17 barrel?
    Can I use my Glock 18 in Production Division if I use it in Semi-Auto mode?
    Can I install a manual thumb safety on my Glock 17?
    Can I use an original 20 round magazine in my Beretta 92FS?
    Can I use CZ SP01 magazines in my CZ75B?
    Can I use a Hogue "handall" grip sleeve on my gun?
    Can I shave the feed ramp of my Beretta 92FS?
    Can I shave the front of my trigger so that I can reach it more easily?
    Can I use recoil buffs in my gun?
    Can I engrave my name on the side of my gun?
    Can I drill or cut my trigger guard so that it fits my holster?
    Can I use my Kimber 45ACP in Production Division?
    Can I cut the frame of my Glock in order to fit an oval magazine release button?
    Can I colour-coordinate my gun to match my handbag and Manolo Blahnik shoes, dahhhling?
    Can I add "Hello Kitty" stickers on my grip?
    Can I ....... ?


    (a.k.a. Non - 不 - Nein - いいえ - Hindi - Nr - αριθ. - Nie - Não - Нет - 아니다 - Nee - Không - Nei - Ei - Nej - Le - كَلِمَةٌ - Ne - Tidak - ไม่ - Nem - Yok)
  6. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    More on there is prohibited in that interpretation than I thought, certainly more than SSP in IDPA. I was really bummed by the "no Hello-Kitty stickers". Still....nothing there that seems close to removing an irritating mold line. I think it's "minor detailing".
  7. midtnshooter

    midtnshooter Premium Member

    How about switching from Production to Limited 10 ? You rules are more forgiving than Production and IDPA.

    My main question would be..... who would want to paint a stripe of your slide anyway? Some of the choices for gripa and sights make me want to cringe. Some shooters come out with royal blue C-Mores, grips, etc. and the first thing I want to ask them is........ Is that yours or your wife's? :twisted:

    Take Care,
  8. Polymer Proselyte

    Polymer Proselyte New Member

    That's why I like production. Keep it stock, and any colour as long as it's black.

    In saying that, I do have some blue mag bases for the OAP that look pretty sissy. Makes it easier to spot your mags though.
  9. ThaiBoxer

    ThaiBoxer Active Member

    I suspect a stripe down the slide top is intended to speed sight alignment.