Good news from war in Iraq

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    Good news from the war in Iraq. U.S. troop losses are down by 60 percent since the “surge” in Baghdad, according to military reports.

    Did you see this story in your local paper? On the national news? Anywhere? Guess you don’t read the Kuwait News Agency regularly. I don’t either, but just happened to see this report online. It sure makes me wonder how this good news from Iraq gets reported in Kuwait and not here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Media bias? Couldn’t be.

    In other "good news," still not a shred of evidence that even one of those sniper rifles used by terrorists in Iraq against our troops were made by Steyr. No serial numbers, no Steyr logos, no proof of any kind to back up those “unconfirmed reports” from more than a month ago. And still no retraction, correction, apology or squat from the London Sunday Telegraph for its “Steyr sniper rifles” story based on “unconfirmed reports.”