Good news and sad events in Portland Oregon Wednesday Jan 4,

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    I went in to my local indoor gun range today just down the street from my work. I had the management order me 2 new Steyr m1 2 week ago and they came in.

    Good news first. Went in at lunch and filled out the paper work and paid for the 2 Steyrs (M9A1 & M357A1). While I was there a few people came and went from the range and a non-member came in to rent a lane and a Glock. He filled out all of the paper work and went shooting.

    I took care of my stuff, took one gun home because I inadvertently left some money at home so I had to come back. We locked up the the gun I left at the range for my return. If anybody knows of the range in North Portland, you will know it is managed by very friendly and knowledgeable people. I purchased the 2 guns at a very good price and urge Oregon residents that are members to call and see what the price is. Not sure if I am supposed to say, but is was just over $400 and less that $420 each with shipping.

    I was busy at work so I could not get back to the range until 5pm. I walked in and talked to Rich, employee on duty who is also a training profession for LEO and Privates alike. We talked for a couple of minutes before he went to the back office to get my last gun. As he is coming out of the office the "Sad News" happens.

    There were 4 individuals in the range shooting at the targets. I was watching one guy then turned away to talk to Rich as he came back in. We heard the normals sounds coming from the range behind the glass window when our attention was drawn to the windows by 2 of the shooters.

    I ran towards the window I looked down to the floor and I saw the guy that I saw come in at lunch, he was still there shooting for 4.5 hours. He was lying face up with a bullet hole in his forehead and bleeding profusely from every orifice in his head. At first glance I made an assumption that is was an accidental shooting based from my earlier encounter of him at lunch. Then I notice the tell tale sign, there was a huge burn and flash residue under his chin. The hole in the forehead was the exit hole. He committed suicide at the range after shooting all afternoon. There was no breathing and some involuntary convulsions. Rich took control quickly while I called 911 from my Cell Phone.

    Rich took the other members from the range to the lobby and locked it down after checking the symptoms of the gentleman on the floor. He secured all of the range weapons on the line and we waited for the EMT's and Police. Police interviewed each of us to see what we saw and after 1.5 hours we were able to leave. The strange thing is to me was the guy seemed very pleasant and seemed happy when he came in to the range. I guess he shot about 300-350 rounds throughout the day and saved the very last one for himself. We are all fortunate I guess that he did not attempt to take anyone else with him before he took his own life.

    He had everything picked up in his lane and had what looked liked envelopes and his wallet sitting on the lane shelf before him. Must have had some serious problems and I am sorry for his family members that must deal with the news. Hopefully He is in a better place, don't take this the wrong way. I do not condone what he did, especially in a public forum where somebody else could have been hurt by a stray round.

    Things like this give fuel to lobbyist for gun control and tougher measures.
    Hopefully this will not have a negative impact for the business, they do provide a service to the public!
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    I know what you are talking about. Several years ago a man we met at the motel where we were staying asked to go along when I said we were going shooting. On the way I asked him ig he was familiar with gun safety, and he said he was. When we got out in the middle of nowhere and started shooting he asked to shoot my .44mag. He walked around to the other side of the truck while I helped our (then) 8 year old son clear a stoppage in a .22 auto. I heard 2 quick shots and went around to admonish him that was not a safe direction to shoot. He was on the ground with a huge pool of blood spreading from his head. To make a long story short I spent several hours cuffed in a police car while they figured out what happened. What I thought was an accident was suicide. He never gave any hint that he was not right in the head. The next day the police gave my gun back and we were off. That was the wierdest experience of my life, and needless to say I no longer go shooting with people I don't know.

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    Had a friend I used to work with had a very similar experience, he walked in to the shop/range to go shooting and it was blocked off w/ police tape. Customer had rented a glock and put one in his head.

    My friend was close to the shop employee who had rented him the gun, the employee quit and sold all his guns it hit him so hard. My friend never went to that range again.

    This can't be good for the shop.
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    That's not the first suicide at that North Portland range. I remember it happening back when they had a second branch in Tigard, OR, where I was a member. I had just joined at the Tigard range when somebody rented a gun at the N. Portland branch and did himself in on the range.

    There's no more selfish act than suicide - it's a chicken's way to end their problems and leave all of them - and grief as well - on the shoulders of the people they leave behind.
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    I feel sorry for the friends and family of this individual who now have to deal with the loss.
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    I believe it is the third in 15 years. I heard yesterday that a range in Seattle had 2 in one week a while ago. Copy cat suicide. The press didn't run the story which was good I believe for eveyone involved.

    The range in Clackamas has had one also, that is a member only rent a gun range. It was a member that decided to do him self in. Could be any one at any time.

    I can't believe this will affect business much, maybe a few. But we all know what the world is becoming as our Cities expand and the environment get hectic. Lots of shootings in public places. Just another reason to keep going to the range and stay proficient. Hoping never to have to see that again. Glad my daughter wasn't with me yesterday.
  7. The Anti-Gun lobby always argues that guns are responsible for most of the suicides or that a person is more likely to commit suicide with a firearm. Well, that always seemed like a fair argument until I met a fellow classmate in my law school gun-control seminar from Korea who informed me that Japan and Korea have among the highest suicide rates in the world. Now Japan and Korea have laws that strictly limit firearms to the police and military and yet people there find ways to commit suicide like throughing themselves infront of subways. This guy was ready to check-out and if it wasn't for the firearms he would have just gone another route.
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    This is why some ranges I've been to now have a policy not to rent a handgun to anyone who doesn't already have one with them... seems silly at first, but I suppose you can still try out one of their guns by just bringing your own (as long as you have one), and if you do have your own you're less likely to bother renting one to kill yourself with. Saves them some liability at least, but it's a bummer for new shooters wanting to try it out without purchasing (like me a year or two ago).
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    Always a good plan. Of all the things that can happen when you give a gun to a stranger, most of them are bad.
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    Yeah... I run a small prop weapons rental business, and every now and again I get amateur/indie filmmakers who are upset or surpsrised that I won't just rent them a real firearm to go shoot their movie with. Riiiiight, sure- you don't know when end is out on that thing, and you want me to just let you waltz off with it for a month or two for $30. Sorry, bub, that's why god made plugged barrel blank guns, or better still- rubber guns.

    Well, god or some underpaid schmoe in China. I get them mixed up sometimes.
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    Yes, I heard about the incidents at one of the ranges near Seattle, from one of my instructors at a firearms training class. For you locals, it was the range in Bellevue. One of them was a woman who came in and rented a gun and shot herself in the head. I was told she actually walked down the range about half way and turned herself so the bullet would exit in a downrange direction away from other shooters. So at least she was considerate about it. :roll:

    As FightD mentioned, that range now will not rent you a gun unless you bring in at least one that you already own. If you're a newbie and don't own any guns, they will still rent you one if you are accompanied by a friend... suicides are statistically less likely to be carried out in the presence of friends or family. Sounds like fairly smart range policy to me.
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    Years back I dated a girl that worked at a gun range. She said it was a somewhat frequent occurance to have someone come in and rent a gun to kill themselves. What she meant by frequent I don't know, every few years or few weeks. Anyway, that was Las Vegas so who knows.

    Doesn't surprise me though.

    Cagedruss--- Sorry you had to see that, kind of puts a damper on what should have been a very pleasant day.
  13. My local indoor range that also rents handguns requires you to be attended by one of the gun store employees if its your first time and they have closed circuit video cameras watching everyone on the range. The range also requires a drivers license and you have to sign a waiver before they will let you use it.
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    bummer trip

    :cry: depressed people make irrational decisions.
    suicide naturally is insane to a rational person but can be
    considered a correct conclusion by manic depressed people.
    unfortunately there's a large segment of our society that falls into
    the manic /bi-polar populace.
    i know of soldiers that displayed their rifle cleaning kits in their
    bunkers before taking their own lives as if to save face and make the incident look accidental. maybe sometimes it was?
    can any of us really make a spot evaluation of any persons actions
    in this kind of incident? yeah it looks to 'us' as the chicken way out.
    but to me it represents a life that couldn't be saved for reasons unknown. sad that a person would feel that taking their own life was their only choice. i hope all those involved in this tragedy will soon recover and
    hopefully beable to cope with the memories that may haunt for some time.