Good Morning Steyr peeps!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I just finished packing up my range bag and after breakfast a buddy of mine that's up from Houston visiting and I will be headed to the firing line.
    He has never even seen a Steyr pistol or fired a .40. I'm excited about the possibility of "turning" a wheelgun guy to the darkside. 8)

  2. WorldPax

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    Much luck to you. :D

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    I am going to second Pax's comment. After shooting 2 GP100's (one belongs to Navy87Guy) this past week, I am getting "revo fever". Watch out for your friend as he may just be the one who's doing the converting! You have been warned. 8O :lol: 8)
  4. CGuns

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    SouthernOhioGun Has Ruger GP100's onsale belor $230!

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    IIRC, those are DAO right? If so, then its a no-go for me. :cry:
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    My friend didn't make it to the range today. Tentatively rescheduled for tomorrow.
    I had fun anyway. 8)
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    Good thing my M9 is my second hand gun, had my GP100 first :) 4" barrel, stainless, adjustable rear sight. Loved the way it fit my hand with the stock grips...
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    Are you asking about the GP100 ? It can be fired single action or double. $230 sounds like a great price, but then again I haven't priced them lately.
  9. Matches

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    The SOC site says they are double action only.

  10. FlaChef

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    the revolver design is DA/SA however some have spurless hammers, hence you can't precock them.

    The way my wifes SP101 shoots and handles i would get s GP100 if i were ever in the mood for a wheel gun of my own.
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    Wow that is a good price on Ruger revolvers!
  12. FlaChef

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    i want to say we paid $400 OTD for my wifes SP.

    One thing I wish we had done differently though is to go w/ the adjustable sights, while I like fixed sights the adjustable ones can be removed and replaced w/ a three dot pistol system insted of the plain notch and post SS sights she has.
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    Wow, just visited SOG and saw the DAO GP100. I didn't know they came that way. I'd pass on that revolver too, I like firing mine single action.