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    I am new to this forum but am an accomplished shooter and LEO Firearms instructor. I bought an M40 becuase I liked the sight picture and the overall feel of the fit of the gun in my hand. I am a plain clothes investigator and have been searching high and low for a decent holster for the M40. I need a bianchi type paddle or belt slide mid ride thumb break holster and a tactical type kyvex or fobus style. Anyone know of anyplace I can find a good holster? Any help would be great.


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    M40 Holster

    Blade-Tech is a paddle holster I use. You can adjust the tension
    as you like.

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    Comp-Tac also makes Kydex
    Fist cataloges the M
    Galco makes a pancake
    It's going to be hard to find anything as an "in stock" item

    There are a number of makers on the high end side that can do the M

    and others. There is a "sticky in the holster section.
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    Blade-tech or Comptech for the kydex (blade=tech takes 6+ weeks and comptach adds a $20 upcharge as they hand make them)