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Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Try Fist holsters. I bought a #1A canted for my S9 and couldn't be more pleased. It fits very tightly to the gun (had to actually break it in before I could get the gun out easily). Holds tight to the body, and can carry it IWB,OWB, or in the pocket. Their order site could be a little better, but I received it ahead of schedule with no problems. Relatively inexpensive too...but definitly not cheap looking (hand boned). Just wish they didn't stamp the model # into the leather, but I think this will disappear with usage. Two thumbs up
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    Good to hear! I ordered the #17a for my M9 - that's the IWB model with interchangeable loops/clips and adjustable cant. I wanted all the options I could find in one holster.

    I expect delivery within the next week or so.

    One question - is your holster specific to the S, or does it seem like it would fit the M also? I ask because I just bought an S9 to complement my M, and I'm assuming I can use the same holster for both (especially since my Fist was ordered for the M, and it's longer).

    I can't wait for mine to arrive.

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    S9 holster

    The holster I received was definitly designed for the S series. It holds the gun really tightly, unlike some of the stories i've heard of with people who bought cheap crap. It is engraved S9 on the leather itself, too. Not so sure if the extra half inch or so of the M series will fit as good...but I would think an S would fit good in an M holster. As a side note, just the breaking in procedure has shined the parkerizing a bit in some areas of the slide. No bid deal, just adds some character