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Going chrome

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This week my M40 will be heading to Tripp for a bit of cosmetic upgrade.
Gonna have the slide, slide release and mag catch chromed.

Will post a pic when it's done.
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Make that at least TWO Styers that Tripp will be working on this week. Mine will be there as well. :D
Good choice guys. Mine has shown no wear at all in 12.000 rounds since I have had it chromed. IF I ever get a new Steyr, it will go to Tripp before I retire my current gun.
IDPA Steyr...did you break down the entire slide minus the sights? If yes...would you be able to give me details instructions and pictures. I am going to be sending mine slide to Tripp sometime as well. Thanks in advance.
Aubie, I took everything off the slide except the loaded chamber indicator. The sights were no big deal to me since I have a sight pusher, but if you don't Tripp will remove and re-install them for you. I'd use one of the tutorials on this site to remove the extractor and firing pin assembly prior to sending it. Then when it returns, make sure you blow all the bead blasting media from the channels prior to re-assembling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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