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obviously the wrong place to take this issue up as none of us can really do anything about it but...

why would "they" want to take you out of production for hard chroming your m9 (changing the factory finish)? what the poop? are they concerned that it would alter the weight of the pistol, or slow the slide down, or improve the draw... what gives. i was really warming to the idea of having mine hard chromed as i start to notice some holster wear. but not if it knocks me into a more "hopped up" division.

life is full of silly rules, but these rules are really silly. i wonder if "they" really pay close attention because a lot of the xd guys get their guns refinished pretty early on.

idpasteyr had his hard chromed. idpasteyr, are "they" hassleing you about it? does it knock you out of stock service pistol?
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