Global Warming Is Our Friend

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    I stole this from by my favorite conservative writer, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. His take on the latest "gotta get back to the White House scam" by Al "I invented the Internet" Gore says it better than I could ever do.

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    IMHO, there is a lot of nonsense spouted by extremists on both sides of the global warming argument. As a result of poor reporting by the media the theories about global warming are distorted and widely misunderstood.

    I think of the problem this way - the Earth's weather changes back and forth from cold winters to warm summers and back. If we cause this system to retain more energy (heat) through a mechanism like oh, say, pumping a lot of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere the result is not just a warmer climate, the result is a more extreme climate. Hotter Summers, colder Winters and very confused weather in Spring and Fall as we move back and forth between the seasonal extremes.

    Of course there are other things that can affect the climate. Volcanic eruptions, slight variability in the Sun's output, cyclic changes in Earth's orbit around the sun can all have an effect. We have no control over these things.

    As nearly as I can tell, there are only about 3 things we have any control over that we can do to affect the climate:
    1) Emit greenhouse gasses that retain heat
    2) Emit particles that reflect heat
    3) create reflective water vapor clouds in the upper atmosphere with jet aircraft contrails.

    So all of these factors interact with each other. One really big volcanic eruption could cool us down a lot. Enough fresh water dumper in the North Atlantic could stop the Gulf Stream, we get a little Ice Age in the Norther Hemisphere. Otherwise, the greenhouse emissions begin to dominate and things tend to add up warmer though the numbers that we add get both bigger and smaller. We need to do something about the things we can control to try to maintain stability.

    As to fossil fuels, the market has decided right now that oil is the best choice for economic reasons. From a strategic point of view that may not be the best choice. We seem to be funding fanatic enemies of the liberty, Islamic extremists and Venezuelan communists, with the treasure of the United States. I don't think I like that. The US has a huge supply of fossil fuel in the form of coal, I'd rather see the US transition to that and other power sources and leave the oil to our enemies. Oil will run out before the coal does by any estimate. So, global warming aside, I'd like to see us get away from foreign energy supplies for our own good. Let's keep that money we spend on foreign oil in the US, even if the market has to be distorted by taxation to produce strategically better behavior. There are better nuclear power plant designs out there, we need to use them. There may be clean nuclear fuel (Helium-3) available on the surface of the moon, let's go get check it out. Let's grow our diesel fuel instead of importing crude oil, even if it costs more we spend the money in the US, not give it to our enemies!
    Well, this has been quite a rant. I'm done. I feel better now. Let the criticism and abuse begin!
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    What we need is Global Population Control. Okay we have the Darwin Awards nominees, AIDs, DUI accidents and other stupid people that assist in this control, but we need families that only produce a limited amount of kittens. Yes kittens and babies have a lot in common. They are cute when they are young, but they grow up. Hell- I should know I have two kittens. I also feel that a family should know when to stop (e.g. co-worker has six). You just have to ask them, "Why?".

    Less food has to be grown, less gas to drive them to basketball games, less insurance (means a savings for other families) and less of my air they have to breathe. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a commi-bastard, but someone who needs everyone to start thinking. I live in a country setting outside of a large city. Everyone is turning the country into small cities.

    What will our grandkids have to face? It will be much worse than what we do in our times.

    Take Care All,