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I also own a GB. It's a 2nd generation model with the non-spurred hammer. It was probably one of the last made. I worked at Turner's Sporting goods in 1986 and the distributor had just stopped carrying Steyr handguns. He still had this one "demo" model that had been used once at a gun show. So I bought it.

Obviously, no need to tell you guys this is one sweet firearm. I've been through a lot of financial hard times since then and most of my other guns have been sold, but that one will be the last to go.

Anyway, I know that Steyr manufactured a factory compensator/muzzle brake for this gun that drops in where the existing front cap goes. I've been hoping to find one (since 1986) but have met with no luck yet.

Does anyone have one of these or know where I can find one?


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The compensators are rare and hard to come by. I can attest to that.

I'll try sticking a post on the "wanted" board. It couldn't hurt, could it?

I have called Gun South (when they were the importers), they were unable to help. I wrote email to Steyr in Austria, they were also unable to help. Basically, I think all of these that were ever made have been turned loose to the winds and are owned by somebody. When I find it, I'll be sure and post some images.

In my periodic searches for things Steyr, that Remtek article always comes up. I read it every year or two.



Deluxe247 said:
Welcome to the club.

I've heard that the compensators are rare and hard to come by. You will probably need to watch the online gun auction sites for one.

You might also want to create a "wanted" post for one here: ... forum&f=19

You could also contact Steyr directly and ask them.

Good info on the GB here:

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