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    Since Diamond Trails are having their troubles with Steyr, is Steyr trying to tell us something. Here is thier website



  2. It would be a Dream come true if Steyr were to open a facility to handle its own distribution and service here in the U.S. and maybe, dare i dream, open a plant to build Steyr weapons?

    I seriously believe that Steyr could dominate the firearms market given the right marketing and distribution. Look at HK with their XM8 and the very real possibility that a foreign company may be able to win a contract with the entire U.S. Armed Services. Sometimes I wish Steyr had such drive.
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    Why not just train Gander Mountain 'smiths to work on Steyrs? That way, there would be multiple locations accessible to more owners. Just a thought.
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    That Gander solution might work for you poor snowbound Northerners :wink: , but what about us barefoot Southern boys? Actually, we had one of the previous distributors (GSI) only 15 minutes from downtown Birmingham, and there are quite a few of us who picked up Steyr ProHunter rifles at bargain basement prices-- buncha rednecks cruising around with quality Austrian stainless in the gunracks!! When you look at what Beretta was doing with the Tikka T3 before they began exploding, you just know the US consumer is ready to buy high quality technically innovative European fireams if they are priced competitively and backed by a major distribution/service effort. I think maybe one difference in the history of the Glock and Steyr pistols in the US is that Glock isn't selling all manner of military firearms worldwide-- just the pistols. Steyr really needs to realize just what a large civilian market we have in the US.
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    Point taken ... but several Gander Mountain locations is still better than having one location to service your firearm. I would love to get a service center close-by but it now looks like having just one is difficult enough. :x
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    Having multiple locations in country is certainly better than having none.

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    I didn't know the XM8 is for real to replace the M4s... Lasat I heard they are still having problems with crack receivers and the sorts.
  8. The XM8 program is no longer the sole competitor for the Armed Forces future service rifle competition. However, HK is building a huge factory in the United States...I believe in North Carolina....and have been able to over come some problems they had earlier with the weapon overheating and it very short barrel. I have not heard about cracked receivers, but hey look at Stoner's rifle through its developement and you'll find all kinds of problems.

    My main point really was that here HK, that makes all type of firearms, is moving aggressively in the United State Market and meanwhile Steyr is resigning itself to giving up on the US and aiming for far east distribution in places like Malaysia.
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    Steyr makes great stuff but just lack the marketing wheel behind it. We have seen the Aug and SSG in the 80's and they were great, but they just fell out of seen for no apparent reasons.

    Kinda reminded me of Snapple ice tea, just fell out...