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    SO I took my good friend from Reno out to the gun range today. Im in CO right now, we went to Ben Lomond. He is all psyched because he gets to shoot my ar and my steyr (hes a gun-nut in training :wink: ). Well, his Dad (who is a gun nut) got him a custom Kimber 1911 .45. I mean, this thing is Suh-weet. But, my friend, now truly a gun nut, doesnt really know what hes got. I try to tell him, and he appriciates it a little more. Well, we go out there, he blasts with the ar (and figures out aiming is a lot harder than it looks in movies), has a blast with it. I sight in the deer rifle a little (.270), it was hilarious watching him go from the ar to that! WHAM! Well, then we move to pistols. I am drooling over his, just because I know the quality. But I just got mine back from the shop (its in another post :wink: ), so I am excited about mine too. I havent been out to shoot it for months now. So I start blasting at about 15 yards, and I mean, doing great! Plowing right through the bullseye a couple times, and when I really tried, kept most of them with 5-6inches. So then we trade. damn that kimber pulls nice, shoots DEAD ON (I think my first 3 shots were about 3 inches from each other, but I was really focusing), and just handles well. Well, he shoots mine for a little bit, his g/f shoots it, and then they both look at me and say they like mine more! HAH! If we werent friends I would've traded him straight up!
    Anyway, just thought I would share.
    Oh yeah, reasons? Its smaller, lighter, holds 12 (not 8), recoils less, and of course, the sights. My friends first shot was in the center of the bullseye, at 15 yards. No lie. Remeber, neither of them has really shot a pistol enough to know that much about them, so this is coming from beginners.
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    Good story, *Cakes :)

    Even some LEO's I know have the same reaction to my M357-A1. They really hate outshooting their own carry pieces. And yeah, Kimbers are very sweet. 8)


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    friend or not, i would have traded then and there!!! and i don't even like 1911's!!!! hey man, if he don't know how good kimber's are...

    most people that have shot mine have started with curiosity and ended by asking where to buy one. to shoot it is to love it.
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    Yeah, but I told him enough so he wouldn't get taken by anyone else, either. Now my job is to find him an M9 or M40 that he can buy. I wonder where to start :roll: