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I don't know if any of you guys have seen the blue plastic 9mm ammo available from, but I just received 550 rounds of it today and I figured I'd share. It was 550rnds/$30 shipped. I read over on sigforum about how a few guys had setup ghetto backstops in their houses and use the stuff to practice, but after firing a few off today, I think that'd be a little nuts. I took one apart and it appears to be just primer and a plastic bullet, and they claim like 1325fps. When I first shot one I was really suprised how loud it was - just about the same volume I'd expect from a "real" standard pressure 9mm. I havn't gotten to test them at any distance yet, so perhaps I'll post a follow-up next time I go to the range. Also, I'm gonna be careful where I keep them, because I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard for someone to mistake these things for a pachmayr snap cap 8-O. They don't pack enough punch to blow the slide back, but they're definitely fun and I definitely wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one. Cool new toy.

Here's the link:

Very cool indeed, thanks for sharing. I used to load rubber bullets and just primers in my 1911 for practice, I think they were called X-Ring rubber bullets and they were reusable. They were pretty good at across-the-room distance and would shoot a 1" group at about 25 feet. I think these are the same thing, just already loaded up and ready for use.

Not sure what it would be good for other than garage practice with a very thick rubber (or something similar) backstop and some type of anti-ricochet setup. 1360fps is no joke even with a 3.5 grain plastic bullet and these things could definitely be deadly with an eyeball/throat hit or even something less. Plus as you say the noise is fairly loud even with just a primer so my neighbors would likely call SWAT. Maybe like the description reads they could be used for small vermin.

For house/garage practice I don't think you can beat a good gas-powered Airsoft pistol, those are a hoot!

Good price on the NATO plastic training ammo though, I might get a 500 pack just for grins - its only $20.87 plus shipping if you're a club member!


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Thanks for the info. I wish that they had this for a .40 cal. I have been searching for the last hour or so, and cannot find any. And I don't have a loading setup yet. :( If anyone knows where I can get some for a .40 that would be sweet!
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