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    Every now and then my S40 chokes on FMJ .40's. Seems to be mostly 165 gr Wolf or Brown Bear. Whats with the flat point .40 bullets? Is there some reason they can't make round nose FMJ's? I have no problems with hollowpoints, Hornady TAP and Black Hills. Its just annoying to say the least when I carry CCW even though I try to shoot what I carry where financially feasible.
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    my pair of M40's have feed everything I have tried, winchester,pmc,magtech,remington,cci and speer,Federal,Fiochi,Hornady,Corbon,Sierra,Zero,Berry's Plated,Rainier Plated.

    ammo I dont use with my steyr is cheap russian steel cased junk.
    tougher on ejectors and extractors than brass cased ammo.

    comblock ammo in comblock guns no problem. 40sw buy US manufactured ammo.

    Remington and Speer JHP's have the widest profile I have seen in 10mm and 40sw Remington FMJ being the biggest FMJ flatnose I have seen damn near wadcutter has feed perfectly in my M40's.

    I can get my M40 to feed fired sized empty 40sw casings. 357sig fired and sized casings feed great. I did have issues when the gun and magazines were new. issue was more to do with magazines and springs load anymore than 8 rounds and would get FTF.
    then again thats with brass casings not steel. steel casings are nasty. not polished and smooth rather rough unless its the laquered stuff which can be sticky and cause problems in the chamber.

    its the same profile 10mm uses profile has been used forever in 10mm bullet platforms though the revolvers tend to not suffer feeding issues.

    where are your cartridges hanging up? how many rounds through the gun and magazines?

    case mouth catching on edge of something or bullet?.
    chamber may have a ledge and require minor throat job.


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    Eschew the laquer and steel Russian stuff. Steyr is worth better ammo, like American Eagle, WWB, etc.
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    wolf and brown bear are notorious for choking a steyr.
    the tolerances are just too tight on these guns.
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    Hi Guys :)

    Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I load pretty hot for my M357-A1, kinda pushin' the performance envelope, and I never have any probs with FTE's. <shrug> The powders I use are kinda in the same burn rate range with the exception of Bullseye, which is pretty quick. I've used Unique, v-N340, Power Pistol, Herco all with great results. I know of a few other reloaders that have had good results with Titegroup, Longshot, v-N350 and HS-6. Performance-wise, I like the Power Pistol best. One Hell of a flash, though--lika little handcannon. 8-O v-N340 had the least flash with Herco a close 2nd. But, all in all, zero FTE's. <shrug> What FTE's I've had, ever, rather involved pushin' the little 357 SIG cartridge to the upper end of its performance envelope with 357 Mag bullets (0.357" diameter) and specifically with Bullseye. BTW, I still use 357 Mag and 38 SPL JHP component bullets for my reloads, but I've learned to resize them to 0.356" with a Lee resizing and lube kit. Bullseye is very economical, though, if you're interested in that sort of thing. :roll:



    Happy New Year! :p