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FS/T Blade-tech holster for M series

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OD Blade-Tech dropped offset holster (right hand) for the Steyr... used for one IDPA match (my first time trying out the holster or the IDPA), but I really enjoyed the match and the holster isn't IDPA legal.

I'd like to get an IDPA legal holster- ideally IWB, but I'm not too picky.
I can pitch in a little extra cash for a nicer holster, or an even trade, or I'll sell it outright for $35 shipped.

Comes with a couple adapters for narrower belts, which I thought was a nice feature.
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I shoot with a few guys in IDPA, and some of them used a head gun on their Blade Techs, and closed up the belt loop area so they're probably legal.
The objection was just that it sits too low on the hip- needs to be more above the waistline instead, and a little closer to the body; I don't think this was really meant to be a CCW holster.
Not to talk you out of selling it (as I'll find out Friday if I need to buy it!) but Blade-tech offers what seem to be paddles and belt loops that are intercnangeable with their Tech-lok device. It looks to be that recently manufactured holsters might use the same bolt pattern to attach the Dropped and Offset attachment.

Can anyone else that have seen this stuff in person chime in here?

Cal, or e mail Bladetech. They will tell you if you can get a different attachment.
when i ordered my BT paddle I put in the "notes" section a question wether it was possible to also get a tek-lok attachments as some "combo" packages had it. They put one in w/ mine and my wife now wears it w/ the tek-lok as it makes it "less" of a light gap for idpa and w/ the tek-lok we were able to adjust it to ride lower for her.
Thanks for the advice, guys.

Went ahead and ordered a belt clip and a paddle for the Blade-tech, so I think I'll just keep it.

Still might have to pick up one of those Grandfather Oak IWBs sometime though... looks pretty comfy for a kydex IWB.
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