FS: Steyr M9-A1 9mm SF Bay Area, Pacifica , FTF / Ship (LEO)

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    Make: Steyr
    Model: M9-A1
    Caliber: 9 MM (9 x 19 Luger)
    Price: (SPF) $800 / OBO
    Location: SF Bay Area, Pacifica, CA
    CA DOJ Roster Status: OFF Roster

    Will ship : Yes, conditionally. To your FFL. As complies with CA DOJ. Inside CA to your FFL for LEO purchase. Outside of CA to your FFL as legally allowed in the destination area.

    Other info:
    • Like new in box (LNIB). This pistol is essentially a new gun. I ordered this Steyr. When I received it a range day was made to verify proper operation with 50 round of various ammo of Blazer Brass, Fiocchi, S&B, and Glaser Saftey, and Winchester Ranger. Perfect operation with. No FTC. No FTE. Ejection direction is good.
    • Year Made / Generation: Second Gen. Marked M9-A1, new grip, no roll pin under rear sight
    • Color: Black
    • Condition: Excellent.
    • Year Made / Generation: Gen 2 .
    • Original factory case locking included. Original locks included as well.
    • All original factory docs included.
    • Three (3) Steyr factory magazines included in the sale. All are 10 rounds. Two are new. One is used (50 rounds).
    Transaction Type: For Sale (FS) / Want to Sell (WTS) only. Not considering trades or barter for item(s) in this listing thread.
    • Sold Primarily as a local pickup face to face (FTF) transfer sale. Shipping optional as noted in other sections of this item listing.
    • Prefer transfers to occur at following locations:
    • First confirmed offer with cash, or PayPal (no fee Friends payment type) payment asking price is the winner. Other lower offers will be noted in order received. Thanks for your interest either way.

    Shipping and Package Data for those who want to ship:
    For Shipped items the following applies for Firearm Shipments. Use this information when estimating shipping costs. If you ask me for a shipping quote I'll just point you back here to do ithe estimation yourself.
    • Package Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 6 inches
    • Package Weight: 6.0 Lbs
    • Carrier: UPS. (UPS Carrier quote site) or FedEx. (FedEx Carrier quote site)
    • Service Type: "UPS Ground Service". (See description detail here)
    • Signature Requirement: Adult Signature is Required. (See description detail here)
    • Direct Delivery Only. (See description detail here)
    • Originating Location: Zip Code 94044 (residential)
    • Destination Location: Your FFL's Business Address location
    • You are responsible for any fees/charges the FFL charges for receipt, processing, and transfer activities. Please verify before with the FFL before arrival.
    • For shipped items you are responsible for checking legal requirements. No refunds for errors on your part. Please verify before with the FFL before arrival.
    • For any returned items all shipping charges are non-refundable.

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    Private Message me, or use the link here to request a shipping quote: ► https://goo.gl/forms/b9zR7F7JknErv8lz1

    Item Pictures:
    (available on request)
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