Found just ONE!!! M40A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by madecov, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Just on a whim while searching some guns out for customers I checked the status on Styer pistols.

    RSR Wholesale ( sells ONLY to FFL's ), had just one M40A1 listed as in stock. It is listed as 2004 production and has 10 round magazines.

    Dealer price is lower than a Glock
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    On point has a M9A1 listed for $435 damn tempting.

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    When you can still get M9s from CDNN for $249? I like the M9A1 too, but I'm not sure I would pay the $186 premium for what people have reported as minimal differences.

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    Closet owner of new M9(M9A1 but actually says M9 on the slide) long time lurker, I bought mine for $489. Right next to it was a new M40 and they wanted $569. It's still there at the gun store here in Ohio. I can give you the link to their website if you want, but the price is awfully high.
  5. At least you guys can find the Steyr MA1's I've been keeping my eyes open and have yet to see one in any of the local gunshops in my city.

    However, I am hopeful that an upcoming gun show will produce at least one caliber of the MA1 series, but I'm sure it will be expensive.

    Has anyone talked with CDNN about whether they plan on selling the new MA1 soon?
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    RE: M40A1 & M9A1

    I was at a gun show in Phoenix yesterday. One vendor had an M-9 for $289 along with an M40A1 & M9A1 for $469 each. I checked all three out. I haven't fired any A1s. However, just from how all three felt in my hand, I personally don't think springing an extra $180 for the newer models is worth it.

    I almost bought the M-9. However, I was heading back to California. And since none of the Steyrs are on California DOJ's list of approved handguns, I'm pretty much limited to buying a Steyr from a private party. I believe according to California DOJ law, private party sales are excempt from only buying handguns that are on the list.

  7. Wow....thank God I dont' live in California! I complain and moan about my states restrictions on class three weapons and total ban on silencers.

    I had no idea the state in California can actually restrict which handguns you can and cannot deal to citizens in good legal standing. Meanwhile, I'm sure LAPD still recovers full-automatic assault weapons and submachine guns from criminals.