Forming Kydex at home

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by toolcollector, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. For those trying this out at home to make holsters are you using your own guns are ordering blue guns for each gun you have. Seems a little expensive it you have to get a mold. In Richs photo demonstration, it looks like he is using a real gun. Was thinking of exeperiment with this over the next month or two.. For those that have done it what are you doing.

    There was a guy that has posted his method of vacum formming the kydex for a holster. It looks like most are using the press method. Any one else tried the vacum forming method. Any positives or negatives?

  2. heavymetalmachine

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    I use my own guns to make my holsters. As of now I have not had any problems...

    Good luck..

  3. luvmy40

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    I started out using my guns. I now use the Ring's Blue Guns as forms. The only problem that I experienced was with my Steyr M9A1. I did not have an empty mag inserted, over heated the Kydex and had too large a piece. It completely covered the grip. The combination of these the mistakes caused the grip/mag well to deform slightly. I was able to heat it with the heat gun and reduce the damage, but my mags will no longer drop free when empty. Not tight just not free.
    So, I would have to warn you to use a little caution when forming Kydex on a polymer framed semi.

    BTW there is a difference in the feel of the draw when switching from the Blue Gun to the real McCoy. The actual gun usually draws a little smoother than the form.

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    what ever happened to the place where you could buy the aluminum forms? that seem like it would work better than your own gun or the blue guns.