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For those that own an M40 and an M40 A1

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Do you find one shoots better then the other?

Is one less "ammo fussy" then the other?

Does one seem to "need" less cleaning then the other?

Does one point better (for you) then the other?

Over all do you find one to be more reliable then the other?

And if you were going to buy a 40 again (new) which would you choose and why?
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Mechanics are the same....grip style is different on the m1a1.....if you don't care about that, find an M series for a better price........
I own both.
The trigger and operation are the same on each. I prefer the grip on the A1 as it is a bit less slick. It seems to fit my hand better.

One difference between the two has been ejection, My A1 ejects all cases out at about 3:30. The M Ejects out at about 4:30. My M had a tendancy to send one case per magazine right back between the eyes, this stopped at about 500 rounds. The A1 never did this.

Otherwise both are fine guns.
The rail on the A1 is one of the standardized designs as opposed to the m40 which has a proprietary rail and requires an adaptor to mount anything on it.

Thanks for the responses so far, keep em' comming!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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